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24 August 2014 - Kagoshima Fireworks

Hey fam, 

Well this week was neat. It was just kind of little growth from all the investigators. We met with an Egyptian man (He actually knows one of the Egyptian guys I taught in Saijo, Small World), He had lots of really in depth questions, he was quite the genius. He told us he usually gets to the lab around 8 in the morning and does experiments until late, but right now he is doing experiments on spiders.   He takes the DNA from the spiders and studies it, and from that he analyzes like what it can eat, and other plants, to see what kind of plants attract the spider and from that sort of thing you can do like natural enemy and stuff like that.   So like basically, if there was a war or something, he could just plant all of the plants near somewhere, it would attract all of these spiders to one area and he could destroy crops or just scare away soldiers and such like that.   Kind of crazy eh? 

This week we also had a firework festival in Kagoshima in which apparently over 200,000 people came.  We wanted to do some ukulele and eikaiwa (English class) flyer proselyting but there were just much to many people. The fireworks were kind of neat though, but the finale was not much of a finale compared to any I have seen in USA.  They definitely go for the pretty fireworks instead of the blast of do as many as you can like we do in America.  Everyone was in kimonos, Irisa shimai even gave 2 kimonos to two of the sister missionaries to wear.   She is so kind. 

Well I don't really know what to say from this week. It was just real busy and real fun as always. I am just always being reminded about how much I love the people and the culture and never want to go home.   Kind of a bummer we lived here when I was so young.  I was too young to appreciate how cool it was. 

This week was Irisa`s birthday so we dressed up her cafe with balloons and streamers and all sorts of goods to surprise her.  I guess you just sort of assume people get this stuff all the time for  birthdays, but she told us this is the first time anyone has ever done that for her.  She was so happy about it that she left up the streamers in her cafe for like 3 days. 

Oh by the way, I did the light the tea bag on fire to show faith example (when you light the tea bag on fire, ask them if they have faith it will fly, and because of the burning oxygen it flies before the fire reaches the ground) for the Kameda kids this week when we taught faith.   We were pretty nervous, because we wasted at least 20 mugicha bags in the apartment, trying to burn them and figure out how to get them to fly.   But we asked them `whooo has enough faith that this bag will fly if we burn it!?`   Luckily it flew the first time, then we decided to do it again, but when we burned it the second time it just burned and did nothing.  ha ha   So we turned to them and were like `well do you see what happens when you don't have faith!?   You have to believe!`  It worked out real well. 

Well love you all. 

Elder Bloomfield

At a Shrine (doing much thinking)

People everywhere watching the fireworks

This is another email I received from Uchida san.  I am so grateful for her kindness to Travis and the other missionaries.  Glad to know someone is taking care of him.

Dear Sister Kris

Thank you for the mail when your busy.

Hope you I'm glad I Mote a fun summer vacation.
8/23 (Saturday) is a big fireworks display No. 1 in Kagoshima.
I think missionaries in Kagoshima and enjoy in Summer Cruise.

So as no longer send photos from PC of City Hall,
If you received a photo from him, we will send you.

Volcanic ash is small this year, missionaries can do this Taere the heat.

The 25th birthday of the younger son of me.
I will go to all-you-can-eat in Kagoshima missionaries four.

With love
U.TToday's photo.

Thank you.

I love Elder Bloomfield.UT
Outside All-You-Can-Eat restaurant that Uchida san took the missionaries to.

Uchida san' son on his birthday eating the cake Travis made for him.

Thought for the week:

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