Thursday, September 11, 2014

23 June 2014 - "Way Good Week"

Yep Yep Yep!    3 cheers!

So Mukaitani Choro (Elder) went home Friday.   It was so sad, he called me the night before he left and we got to talk for a bit.   He's such a fun guy.  Time goes by too fast.  He told me he will prolly have a kid by the time I get home... that's pretty quick my friend.   Kiotsuki

This week was way good.   We had District Conference this weekend, so we wanted to do a fun dendo (proselyting) with the entire zone, but these days everything is so complicated you must get permission if you are going to even breathe on government property.   We wanted to do a fun park dendo, like I play the ukulele while another Elder plays the keyboard and guitar and we sing and such, or draw the plan of salvation with chalk, or sporting dendo, just fun cool stuff like that, at a park (the kind of stuff everyone is doing already, just not in a group of gaijin (foreigners)).   But in trying to get permission from the police and the City Hall, they told us no can do kid because we are missionaries and related with religion.   These days religious freedom is restricted more and more and its quite frustrating.   They just don't understand we just want to share happiness and play fun music, not preach to them in the middle of the park like Satan or something jeezums!   We're just normal people living normal lives just trying to give service!   So that was fun but we still did a sort of zone dendo on Sunday where we all split up and went to different houses.   We got like everyone pumped up with the spirit and stuff before we went out and in just 45 mins. we found multiple new investigators and saw some cool miracles it was way fun.   

Irisa san as able to get baptized on Saturday night it went really really well and because it was District Conference, Gustafson Kaicho (President)was there as well.  That was fun.   She emailed us yesterday and said,  "thank you again for the baptism.   I am so thankful for this opportunity,   I felt great at the baptism on Saturday but I feel even better today.   I have never felt better in my whole life."  So, I guess  this church is true!!!!!!!!!   Irisa san looks a lil bit like Yuka Burton,  I think.   But maybe I forgot what Yuka looks like.   Irisa san is probably in her 40s I think, maybe 50s. 

Kameda san and Uchida san (eikawa (English) student who is an angel and brings us food every week.  She loves the missionaries and loves the feeling she receives from us, so we started teaching her and set a baptismal date for next month) were able to attend as well and said they felt way good during the baptism.   The members talked about how blown away they were at how fast her faith grew and the miracles she saw and such just giving up coffee like it was no big deal.   

At the same time though Kameda felt kind of intimidated at how easy she gave it up and is kinda struggling with Word of Wisdom, so please keep her in your prayers.   She is still doing way good though.   She told us she just feels warm whenever she is at church or with us, or praying.   Her faith has grown so much. 

Something else way cool too is we have noticed she treats her kids different since we first met her as well.   She used to just let them run around and do whatever, but lately she talks about promises she makes with the kids to be better and treat each other nicer and stuff like that. 

The Gospel changes lives when you don't even realize it.   God is a smart man that is for sure. 

Well I can't really think of what happened this week, taught some lessons, saw way cool miracles.   It's rain season and we did the walk to the church a total of 6 times this weekend, so I feel like my calves are mightier than the grand canyon so that is exciting. 

Well I hope everyone is genki (happy) and just having a grand ol time.   Maybe I'll never come home so that's okay. 

Oh also the City Hall computer destroyed my SD card again.   It deleted all of my photos so hopefully you can fix this one as well maybe.   woop woop!

See you tomorrow!
Elder Bloomfield

Elder Mukaitani and Travis

Elder Sasaki, Irisa-san and Travis at Baptism

Elder Sasaki, Irisa-san, Travis and Sister and Pres. Gustafson
This is the zone minus the 5 missionaries on the Island of Naze. It is a fairly large one indeed!   There are about 3 Japanese Elders and 3 Japanese Sisters in the Zone.   Thats the least amount of Japanese Elders it's been since I came to the zone.
So I emailed Travis and asked him why he was squatting in the picture -notice his legs and he said, "I was worried I was blocking the little people behind me.   I'm kinda way big here mom, it's so embarrassing,  jeezums  It is like I'm the Iron Giant or something (because my calves are iron of course)".  

Thought for the week:

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