Wednesday, February 25, 2015

17 October 2014 - Transferred to the Hombu (Mission Home) as the New Assistant to the President

This is the email I received first from Uchida san regarding Travis's transfer:

Sister Kris
son will be Fukuoka transfer by Shinkansen of 8:03 tomorrow.
Next week was a transfer day, I am very surprised.
I thank for his having been in Kagoshima.
Thank you.
I become very lonely.
                                   from: Tomoko Uchida

Later that day, I received this one:8:54pm Oct 16
Sister Kris
He was transferred to the church headquarters of Fukuoka today.
He becomes an adult in 8-month life.
You will be surely surprised at his growth.

I baked bread and a cookie at midnight and made his favorite Kahn van garfishand lunch of the fruit in the morning.
He made me a happy feeling.

To your and your husband and family love and thanks.

Much love  Tomoko Uchida
The next day, we received this email from Travis:

Well you may be wondering why I am emailing on Saturday, today.  But anyways from now on Saturday will be my p-day.   So getting your emails out by Monday seemed hard enough, but it seems you will have to now step it up in your planning and email me before Saturday, but if you're busy that's okay I understand ;)

This week I got a call from Kaicho and I have been called to serve as his Assistant to the Mission President for however long the Lord requires.   It was really sad to leave Kagoshima, so many cool memories and friends there, but I suppose the Lord has need of me here now. ha ha   It was kind a funny, the night before Kaicho called me I couldn't really sleep at all, then Kaicho called me in the morning and was like "Hey Elder! How was your sleep?"   Then I understood why it was kind of bad sleep...

I feel like I am going to be able to learn so much, so I'm really excited to serve in my new calling.   To be honest, I am kind of nervous.   I don't feel adequate, but I will do my best and trust in the Lord to make up the rest.
This week as we were teaching Ozono san we had testified to her and committed her to pray specifically about blessings of commandments and such, to ask God if these are truly for her and she paused and was like "did you not just hear that?"  "There was a voice, so slight but I heard something tell me these teachings are good, these commandments are good!" ha ha  She has so many crazy cool spiritual experiences.   Please pray for her so she can continue to progress and Elder Sasaki can continue to teach her with the spirit.
I have to go now, but I will be back.
Love you to all!

Elder Bloomfield

Later that day we received this email:
Just now, there was a sister from my first area, Hikari ward who got sealed in the temple today to her husband, and her son is actually serving here in the office so we all got to go see the sealing.   It was way cool, I understood most of the blessings and such but even though it was all in Japanese you could feel the spirit so strong and just feel the importance and reality of what was happening.   This work is 2 legit 2 quit.

But yeah, that was basically my week - typhoon, p day, then Wednesday morning Kaicho called me and told me to report to the office by Thursday morning. ha ha.   I was pretty satisfied with my day though,  I was able to go to the post office, have District Meeting, teach two lessons, help Arisa buy a electronic dictionary, got a haircut, taught Eikaiwa, then packed, and wrote a letter to the Kagoshima Branch.  Otsukare!!

Since coming to the Mission office, we have just been doing transfer stuff  and figuring out my new responsibilities.   This transfer seems pretty busy, because there are still many Districts and Branches in this mission and the Mission President acts as the Stake President of the Districts.  We have to go to the District Conferences and translate which happens to be this transfer.  ha ha.   Most weeks we will be training all the zones on the week days then on the weekend we will have District Conferences.

Kaicho is so amazing! Mission Presidents are so busy, they have so many things to do.  They are truly called by the Lord.
Also mother, I have told you this multiple times but now that I am in the office I can confirm my knowledge and inform you I will indeed be released on Friday, May 22nd. 
Oh and I have a new companion. Crazy thing, yes he was in my same Elders Quorum at BYU and lived across the hall from me at New Heritage.   Yoku shitteiru.   Small world ;)  His name is Elder Jacob Chung.   Another funny thing is he is Elder Dolbin's (my first companion) best friend.   They have known each other since elementary school, they opened their calls the same day, entered the MTC the same day, and they both came to the Fukuoka Japan Mission.   Small world ehh?

Anyways, I love you all.   Hope all is well and genki!   You are all awesome!

Elder Bloomfield

Throwing Elder Sasaki over board (not really).

Rolls Uchida san made for Travis to take on the train to Fukuoka.

Travis and Uchida san at the train station before he left.

Obento (lunch pack) Uchida san made for Travis.

New Companion, Elder Chung

New friend they found.

Thought for the week:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

13 October 2014 - Last Flight Out of Naze Before the Typhoon.

Hello familia,

 So this week was kind of all over the place, but first off we have to do reports of everyone in our zones week by phone every p day morning. I was amazed at how many investigators prayers were answered by General Conference.   My first thought was dang how are all of the apostles and the prophet soo in tune with the spirit to be able to answer this many prayers in this many peoples` lives, but realized it`s not just the apostles and the prophet but God is truly preparing them all specially and exactly for what they need.  He is in all of our lives whether we realize it or not.   There were so many investigators this weekend who the exact session they went to just happened to have a the talk or multiple talks about the precise thing they needed or question they had.   For our investigator Ozono san, we taught her about prophets this week and told her General Conference is an excellent opportunity so we`d like you to prepare by thinking of some questions or concerns you have and pray to God that they will be answered at General Conference.  On sunday she told us because she used to be Catholic and knows all about the Pope, she was wondering how prophets are chosen to be prophets and how it is different from the Pope.  She said she was so surprised when our good friend Russell M. Nelson answered all of her questions perfectly.

 Besides that, yeah this week we went on splilts down to the island of Naze.  The boat ride down wasn't too bumpy and the typhoon wasn't even close yet, but unfortunately when we went to catch our boat home we found out all boats were anchored and would not be leaving due to the typhoon. ha ha.   Yippee!   So we worked with the elders again the next day, the wind was pretty narly!   I was using one of the Japanese elder`s tiny bike, so that in addition to the horizontal rain shots to the face made it an interesting day of dendo.   Most of the flights were already reserved but we got lucky and were able to get the very last flight out of Naze.  

The typhoon in Kagoshima wasnt too bad, no floods like when we lived in Korea, though it did take care of the trash we had on our back porch.   Woops.  It rained a lot and it was pretty windy, but we were in the protection of our apartment the entire time.  It was pretty solid.  ha ha

Well that's about all I can remember from last week.   Please keep Ozono san in your prayers, she is doing very strong and following the Word of Wisdom still, but it is a big change from her usual 3 cups of coffee to wake up every morning.

Love you all so much!

 Elder Bloomfield

Fun on the Ferry

Thought of the week:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 October 2014 - Typhoon (Post by Kris)

This post is from Kris:
There is a large a large Typhoon headed straight for the Fukuoka mission.  I having been reading many articles on the weather channel and CNN regarding the possible effects of the Typhoon.  Many emails and facebook posts were sent out to friends and family to pray for the missionaries safety.  This is a letter I received from the Mission office.

Dear Parents of the Japan Fukuoka Mission Missionaries,
As you may have heard, there is a Typhoon of considerable size coming to Japan. The Japan Fukuoka Mission has an Emergency Plan and we made sure each area and companionship had a 72-hour emergency kit with water, food and flashlights with extra batteries. They were instructed to stay indoors and we will keep them updated daily if needed. All the emergency precautions took place and all the missionaries are safe. We will notify you again when the Typhoon is past. We appreciate your son/daughter work in the mission and pray for their protection. Thank you for your concern and prayers.

Japan Fukuoka Mission.


I also emailed Travis's recent convert, Tomoko Uchida to check on the status of the Typhoon, preparations as well as Travis.  This is the email I received in return from her.

Sister Kris,

I contact propagator at the time of rain and typhoon immediately.

When I go to the church, I take the same taxi.
Therefore do not worry about you.
It is your important son.
They go to Naze now.
I do not know whether an airplane flies.
Love, Tomoko
She is soo awesome, with her limited English and google translator, she tried to tell me not to worry about Travis that she would check on him as soon as the typhoon hits and that she knows he is very important to me.  She said she will take him in Taxi to church.  She also said that he was on the Island of Naze and she is not sure how he will get back if the airplanes are grounded because of the storm.
We received this email from the mission office, the day after the storm:
Dear Parents of the Japan Fukuoka Mission Missionaries,
Good morning. The Typhoon passed by yesterday and all the missionaries in the Fukuoka Mission are all safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers.

Fukuoka Japan Mission



This experience was a true answer to prayer for this mother.  I was so worried as I watched the Satellite picture from space show the enormous size of the storm and knew the damage it could cause. They said that it was so fierce that they could not even rank it on the scale as it was greater than a 6 with all the wind and rain in the storm. The closer it got to where Travis was, it continued to break apart and by the time it hit land, it was just a tropical storm.  I know the Lord heard all the prayers and the people of Japan and the missionaries were protected.

7 October 2014 - I Am the Proud Owner of a Manchester United Singing Mug

Hey Fam.,

Well this week was pretty interesting.   Ozono san had some cool experiences.   When we followed up on her praying about whether or not the Plan of Salvation is true, she told us she wasn't too sure about the commitment we had made with her because she has prayed before in her life but never got an answer. But she prayed about it and told us the next morning when she woke up she just felt so strongly in her heart that Christ really lives and felt the exact feelings we told her the spirit would bring to her (Imagine that eh??).  ha ha   She said she was so surprised. On Sunday we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, we were kind of worried because her job is she helps set up tea parties and such and drinks coffee everyday, but she committed to give up alcohol, tea, and coffee!   A week ago she told us she didn't feel any connection to Christ and didn't really believe in him, but on Sunday in sacrament meeting she told us she just felt him so close to her and knows he is real.   Please pray she can continue to avoid the opposition.

Hmm,  what else happened this week?  Arisa san is doing well.   She has up and down times because of her mental state.   In her up times she can keep commitments and such, but in her down times anything we say just doesn't reach her, so it's hard to know if she really needs baptism.   We feel it will help her but we don't want to do anything wrong, we are waiting to hear back from Kaicho on that one.

Oh another wild thing that happened, we decided to visit this Jersey shop on p day real quick and the owner was just like "oh yeah you're Mormon!  I was given a Book of Mormon 15 years ago and the missionaries spoke so powerfully to me and told me to never throw away the Book of Mormon away because it is a special book, so I have always kept it in a special place.   We talked about the gospel a little bit and then he found out I love Manchester United, and then was like "oh one moment! I feel like we truly had a connection and you were meant to come here today so here is this" and he just gave me a $36 mug that sings Man Utd`s song for free!   So we swapped him for a new Book of Mormon in his shop and he told us he would read it whenever customers aren't there.  It was a beautiful day.

Yes, the typhoons just keep coming.   Last weeks was typhoon number 25 for this year.   It was pretty wild, we had a lessons we went to and were streeting home and every ones umbrellas were just getting destroyed and grandmas were getting knocked over.   Incase you are wondering, no the ash does not stop either.   We basically just get black rain and I have ash all over my clothes and boots by the time the rain dries off.

Well I can't really think of what else happened last week.   We visited Kameda san again but nothing has changed, Rui kun was still butt naked, the other kids were throwing dirt, and the mom was sleeping because she started a night job at the bar.    Zannen ne.

Well I hope everyone is doing well.   See you tomorrow.

Elder Bloomfield
Missionaries and "New" Members

Thought for the week:

29 September 2014 - Giving Up Rest For Service.

Hello familia,
Hmm, well this week was good.   The ash was pretty crazy.   I had to bring out the "Steveo glasses" again because it was impossible to see.   The mix of ash and then rain and then more ash is a real good time.
At the beginning of the week, we found some Vietnamese new investigators, so this week I had the pleasure of learning what Vietnamese I could from the Vietnamese Book of Mormon.  ha ha.   It`s an interesting language.
We had a cool miracle with Arisa san this week.  So last week we had the training from Kaicho and the APs about using media in our lessons, like Mormon Messages and such.   So we decided to put it to the test.   A couple weeks ago Arisa dropped us and told us she wanted to focus on school and her work.   So we didn't want to pressure her or anything so we just decided to watch some Mormon Messages with her and "I'm a Mormon" videos.   They worked so well!   Some of them brought the spirit so well and its just so easy to understand.   We were planning on inviting her to be baptized this week, but after we watched one of the videos about the boy who lives in Honduras and is in like gangs and stuff, then it talks about the change in his life because of the church, after we watched it she was just like I want to follow Christ!   He is the best example and I feel like being baptized will help me in life so I want to be baptized again.   She is excited to be baptized on the 12th!   Please pray she can avoid any opposition and remember why she wants to be baptized.  

We were also able to talk with some of the members in the ward about how even if they can't joint or things like that, they can be sharing videos on facebook and such like that.   I challenge all of you (especially Mason who actually has friends on facebook, no offense mom) to post a Mormon Message video and share it with everyone this week.   It is an easy way to help lift others up and you're a pretty popular guy right?   I'm sure that tons of people who look at your facebook everyday will love it.

Well I can't really remember what else happened this week.   We set another mini goal to find someone young and prepared by the 28th, and this week we were able to find 8 people all under the age of like 25 who committed to meet again.   A lot of them were when we were on splits with the other companionship so they will teach most of them if they show up to the appointments but it was a pretty crazy week.

Also Ozono san is continuing to progress.   She told us she feels warm every time she prays and feels right now may be her time to be baptized but is nervous because her family is all a different religion and perhaps they will never change.  I got to share with her how John Bloomfield`s uncle was pretty hantai and perhaps he never changed from John Bloomfield's decision, but because he was baptized now some 200+decendents here in America are greatly blessed.
This week I studied D&C 107:99-100 a lot. `he that is slothful shall not be counted worthy to stand, and he that learns not his duty and shows himself not approved shall not be counted worthy to stand.` I have studied the Atonement nankaimo but it never really hit me until this week how Christ never had a break.   Often times after we complete our calling, go home teaching, or come home from church or even from work we will think, "dang I just worked a lot, I deserve a rest and we will sit on the couch for a bit."   This week as I was studying, I realized Christ never sat down on the couch for a bit despite the calling he was fulfilling.   He literally went straight from Gethsemane, in cords and was tried and whipped and spit on, after which he was crucified, on the cross he finally completed the Atonement, but he didn't go and celebrate with our Father in Heaven or angels or sit down for a rest.  After giving his life he went to the spirit world and gave his service there to set up the preaching to the dead and saving all of the souls who were in prison.   It helped me to remember we didn't come to this life to take rests and give ourselves a pat on the back, we came to this world to learn and to grow, and to give our service to others as is required of us.   There is no sense of fulfilment from sitting on the couch in idleness, there is only fulfillment when we are are helping those who are in need of us.   The study really helped me this week, these days I am usually pretty tired and I sometimes want to think to myself,  "hey I have so many more responsibilities than everyone else in the zone, I had to do more so I can just take a quick rest, but when I read these verses I realize how selfish I am and what I am supposed to be doing, and my tiredness will never relate to that of our Saviors.  He is our prime example of endless service.  When we are tired and hope to rest we can remember him and fulfill our duties.   I'm happy to be here right now where it is so easy to give up rest for service because there is always something to do.

Life is great!   Hope everyone is doing well.

Much love to you all.
Elder Bloomfield
Hanging with the Kameda Family

Beautiful sunset over the volcano.

Volcano is a little more active this week.

Thought for the week:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

23 September 2014 - "Wouldn't Rather Be Anywhere Else"

Hello family,
Well this week was neat. It was filled with many meetings and miracles. This week we had to go up to Fukuoka for a MLC (Mission Leader Council) all day, then the zone came to Kagoshima for our ZTM (Zone Training Meeting)on Thursday, then again we had a Zone Conference on Monday where Kaicho and the APs came. Fun times!
We decided this transfer in the zone we are focusing on the hearts of our progressing investigators. Just back to the basics, our purpose is to change the hearts of the people in our areas, if we are not doing that then we might as well go home!   So thats our focus this transfer, touch and change as many hearts as possible.   The training from Kaicho and the APs went perfect with what we felt the zone needed to focus on this transfer so we are way excited for things to come.   Since I have been in Kagoshima, the most progressing investigators we have ever had in one week was around 23, which to be honest is pretty good, but we feel like this transfer we will be able to reach 30, yahoo! Hearts are changing baby!
Oh another thing, this week I was on splits with an elder and his investigator had told him she wanted to hear about commandments next time he came, but if she has no testimony, commandments aren't going to make a difference to her, so we decided to teach her about the Plan of Salvation.  Before we even began the lesson she told us about how one time when her daughter was like 2 or 3 she talked about how before we were born we lived with a lot of people and just went on to explain the pre earth life perfectly!   We were like well now that's actually precisely what we wanted to talk about today, and I got to talk to her about how my mom told me I had the same experience when I was younger about talking about the pre earth life and such.   At the end of the lesson, she told us she feels in her heart she should be baptized.  It was a way solid lesson and always thankful when we follow the spirit. 
My investigator,  Ozono san was funny this week too.  We were explaining about how the spirit answers your prayers through feelings and such and described the feelings and she was like `what! thats how God answers our prayers??   I've been feeling that exact feeling every time I pray and every time I come to this church!`   This church is true :) 
Well actually I can't remember what else happened this week.   Irisa Shimai is doing way good.  She has so much fire to share the gospel and her testimony has grown so much its crazy. 

Well actually I forgot the cool things I was going to write.   This week it rained more ash than rain. ha ha   It was kind of hard to see the past couple days.   Yabai Yabai.  
Life's just swell!   Wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 

Elder Bloomfield
Kagoshima Zone Conference

Travis's companion, Elder Sasaki is the one in the back

Thought for the week:

Friday, February 6, 2015

14 September 2014 - Gomen (Sorry) not much time to email.


Well this week was perfect.   Gomen (sorry) not so much time.   Transfers happened.  
We were praying about an investigator, Ozono san, decided she can be baptized on the 19th of October and decided to make a calander for her.   She has never been able to commit to a date.  She has recieved all the lessons before but this was only our second time meeting with her.   When we invited her to be baptized, she at first said no, but then realized this week she was super busy but for some reasonas she prayed and she felt she should make a picture frame for us to put our family pictures in.  When we prayed, we felt we should make a calander for her.   She said we both had the same answers to our prayers and told us she wants to work with us to be baptized on the 19th. 
We are ganbaruing (giving it out best) but out of time for this week.
See ya!   Love you all. 
Elder Bloomfield
Elder Sasaki, a brother from the branch and Travis

Enjoying a snack


Office at the church

Thought for the Week:

8 September 2014 - Following the "Recipe"

Hello family,

Well yes, you may be surprised to hear but I am not transferring, Kaicho said he likes how Kagoshima is right now and doesn't want to change it.   So me and Sasaki Choro are just like two peas in a pod now :) yatta!    Members in the branch tell me I've just become part of the branch now.

This week was good though.   I can't really remember what happened though to be honest.   Just a good time.   I was told by an old man to never marry a Japanese woman who can speak English, they are all trouble.   So there's some precious words of advice for life.   
This week we did a fast with Arisa chan, she was really worried about giving up coffee because she loves it, but after the fast she told us she knows she needs to be baptized, and has committed to give up all of coffee.  It was a way cool miracle but she is still really worried about if she returns to her hometown Okinawa Erabu, because the church isn't there and she doesn't know what she will do.   So if you could pray for her that she can not feel so stressed and peace in her decision to be baptized I know it would help her tons.
Hmm what else happened this week???   In our mission on Sunday we had a challenge from our Kaicho  (president) to work with the members and as a mission have 200 nonmembers at Sacrament Meeting  on Sunday.  The average for our mission each week is usually around 80ish, I think. But this last month we did the relay fast, like you guys are doing, and we saw such cool  miracles!   As a mission I think 209 non members came to Sacrament Meeting.  Kaicho told us the missionaries need to be the first up to bear their testimonies on Sunday to set the spirit of the meeting.  In my testimony I talked about the beautiful clouds in Kagoshima (they are ridiculous) and how God made this earth and plan for us and compared our life to a recipe, how Sasaki Choro always uses a recipe when he cooks, and it just tastes so delicious! But, when I cook, I can't read all that Kanji, it takes too long, so I just smell spices and throw them in as my chef senses guide me. But because Sasaki uses a recipe, it always ends up tasting better than my food. God has given us a recipe for our life, yeah we can still have fun and just go with the flow of what we think is best, but like my cooking and Sasaki`s cooking, as we are obedient to the recipe God has given us, we find our life to be much more delicious and rewarding in the end.  Then throughout the rest of the testimony meeting and all of church, many people kept talking about the recipe analogy.   ha ha   I learned that when you use examples, people understand much, much better.
Well I can't really remember what else happened this week, but life is good.   The ash is normal. People are crazy.   The Kameda family is rough lately, yesterday I had to clean ash out from my shirt pocket and down my pants when I got home from teaching them. 

Also, I got to kick a soccer ball yesterday for the first time in a while.   So that was neat. 
Much love to you all. 

Elder Bloomfield
Jumping for Joy

Such form!!!!!

Waiting for the bus.
Thought for the week:

1 September 2014 - Mission Impossible Bike Moves, Pretty Cool!!!!

Hello fam,

Well this week was pretty interesting.  First off we had a goal that we wanted to have two baptismal dates by the end of August.   We set two baptismal dates, Arisa and Takashi, but because Takashi`s fell through I felt that wasn't good enough and wanted to reach the goal of two.  We had splits and mensetsu and a bunch of other stuff we had to do for the zone this week so there wasn't much time for finding, so we were pretty much banking on the lessons we had this week to be able to set all new dates.   But then the unfortunate thing happened of course, of all of those lessons falling through last minute. So we were pretty frustrated and not sure how we were gonna reach our goal.  I got on my knees and prayed to God and asked him how it was that we could do it, I thought about when, or where, but as I thought about each possibility, nothing seemed right except for whoever it was that is prepared for baptism, would come to church on Sunday.  That is what I felt so that is what I continued to pray for all week long.   Sunday came and no one new came to Sacrament Meeting, but after church we had a potluck and going away party for the couple missionaries here.   I went to the hallway to grab something, and saw a man walking up the stairs to the church.  He told me he is a nonmember, but he wants to go to BYU-Hawaii so he took a two hour bus ride, then walked from downtown Kagoshima up the hill to the church for an ecclesiastical endorsement.  I invited him to join us in the potluck and he got to talk to Sasaki Choro about BYU-Hawaii and afterwards we were able to teach him a lesson.  It was a way good lesson, we weren't able to set a baptismal date, but he told us he wants to hear all the lessons haha. God answers prayers, he helps the weak.  I am so weak. So thankful. yattaa!  So that was a neat experience from this week.

On splits this week, my comp and I set a goal of a certain number of people we wanted to invite to be baptized. we were doing good but we were about out of time and we still had a ways to walk home, so we ran home and we turned the corner that the apartment is on, with a few minutes to spare, then surprisingly not a single person was on the street. We were like what! So we were kinda bummed, so we decided well, we can at least buy some drinks for the other elders.  So we crossed the street to go to the 7/11 then this guy just popped out of an alley right in front of us. Tadah!!  He told us he always sees us missionaries and has always wanted to talk to us but never has a chance, so we got to talk to him and such, he was way cool and after we invited him to be baptized he swapped numbers and told us to call again.

On junkai we also met two little girls, who we played a game with for like 5 minutes, then they walked with us and kept us company for like 20 minutes while we were housing.   ha ha   It was way funny.

Another cool miracle, we brought cookies to give to a member, but the member wasn't home when we visited, then the little girl told us her birthday was tomorrow, but she will be driving all day, so maybe no cake, so we gave her the cookies and told her Happy Birthday! yattaa!   Then we later found out she attends an English class that a less active teaches, who actually asked the elders to come in and help teach.   ha ha.   Small World!

This week I had my first crash on my bike, but it was more like mission impossible.   So we were going down a way steep hill, and it was raining pretty good, and I accidentally hit a good patch of ash, so when I was trying to turn, my bike just turned sideways and fell on its side and I started sliding, but somehow I ended up landing just crouching on top of my bike as it slid for a good 15 feet, then it stopped and I popped back up and kept riding! Didn't even touch the road once. The two kids I was sliding towards got a pretty good scare, and I apologized to them, but sheesh they should have payed me money!   They just saw Tom Cruise sliding on a sideways bike for a good 15 to 20 feet that ain't usual!   So that was pretty cool.

Oh also I got punched in the face for the first time on my mission this week. ha ha. But that's another story. I hope all is well!

Much love,
Elder Bloomfield

Reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese with the Volcano in the back ground.

Little girls who wanted to practice their English
"Mr. Muscles" breaking wood.

Scenery near Kagoshima

This is an email received from Tomoko Uchida:

Last night, Elder Bloomfield , is gave me a e-mail.
My English old expression.
But, fun.
And, that he is grateful to me.
It was written in Japanese.

He transferred to the 11th, (maybe)
He was in seven months Kagoshima.

I have never cried when parting.
I will laugh.
His Family will endure the lonely feeling for us for two years.
Thank you.  

When he returned to the United States, please tell him the love and appreciation of me.
And please hug some for me.
He is awesome !
Thanks and lots of love to you and your family.
much love. Tomoko Uchida.

Thought for the week:

Jesus Loves You