Friday, February 6, 2015

14 September 2014 - Gomen (Sorry) not much time to email.


Well this week was perfect.   Gomen (sorry) not so much time.   Transfers happened.  
We were praying about an investigator, Ozono san, decided she can be baptized on the 19th of October and decided to make a calander for her.   She has never been able to commit to a date.  She has recieved all the lessons before but this was only our second time meeting with her.   When we invited her to be baptized, she at first said no, but then realized this week she was super busy but for some reasonas she prayed and she felt she should make a picture frame for us to put our family pictures in.  When we prayed, we felt we should make a calander for her.   She said we both had the same answers to our prayers and told us she wants to work with us to be baptized on the 19th. 
We are ganbaruing (giving it out best) but out of time for this week.
See ya!   Love you all. 
Elder Bloomfield
Elder Sasaki, a brother from the branch and Travis

Enjoying a snack


Office at the church

Thought for the Week:

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