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29 September 2014 - Giving Up Rest For Service.

Hello familia,
Hmm, well this week was good.   The ash was pretty crazy.   I had to bring out the "Steveo glasses" again because it was impossible to see.   The mix of ash and then rain and then more ash is a real good time.
At the beginning of the week, we found some Vietnamese new investigators, so this week I had the pleasure of learning what Vietnamese I could from the Vietnamese Book of Mormon.  ha ha.   It`s an interesting language.
We had a cool miracle with Arisa san this week.  So last week we had the training from Kaicho and the APs about using media in our lessons, like Mormon Messages and such.   So we decided to put it to the test.   A couple weeks ago Arisa dropped us and told us she wanted to focus on school and her work.   So we didn't want to pressure her or anything so we just decided to watch some Mormon Messages with her and "I'm a Mormon" videos.   They worked so well!   Some of them brought the spirit so well and its just so easy to understand.   We were planning on inviting her to be baptized this week, but after we watched one of the videos about the boy who lives in Honduras and is in like gangs and stuff, then it talks about the change in his life because of the church, after we watched it she was just like I want to follow Christ!   He is the best example and I feel like being baptized will help me in life so I want to be baptized again.   She is excited to be baptized on the 12th!   Please pray she can avoid any opposition and remember why she wants to be baptized.  

We were also able to talk with some of the members in the ward about how even if they can't joint or things like that, they can be sharing videos on facebook and such like that.   I challenge all of you (especially Mason who actually has friends on facebook, no offense mom) to post a Mormon Message video and share it with everyone this week.   It is an easy way to help lift others up and you're a pretty popular guy right?   I'm sure that tons of people who look at your facebook everyday will love it.

Well I can't really remember what else happened this week.   We set another mini goal to find someone young and prepared by the 28th, and this week we were able to find 8 people all under the age of like 25 who committed to meet again.   A lot of them were when we were on splits with the other companionship so they will teach most of them if they show up to the appointments but it was a pretty crazy week.

Also Ozono san is continuing to progress.   She told us she feels warm every time she prays and feels right now may be her time to be baptized but is nervous because her family is all a different religion and perhaps they will never change.  I got to share with her how John Bloomfield`s uncle was pretty hantai and perhaps he never changed from John Bloomfield's decision, but because he was baptized now some 200+decendents here in America are greatly blessed.
This week I studied D&C 107:99-100 a lot. `he that is slothful shall not be counted worthy to stand, and he that learns not his duty and shows himself not approved shall not be counted worthy to stand.` I have studied the Atonement nankaimo but it never really hit me until this week how Christ never had a break.   Often times after we complete our calling, go home teaching, or come home from church or even from work we will think, "dang I just worked a lot, I deserve a rest and we will sit on the couch for a bit."   This week as I was studying, I realized Christ never sat down on the couch for a bit despite the calling he was fulfilling.   He literally went straight from Gethsemane, in cords and was tried and whipped and spit on, after which he was crucified, on the cross he finally completed the Atonement, but he didn't go and celebrate with our Father in Heaven or angels or sit down for a rest.  After giving his life he went to the spirit world and gave his service there to set up the preaching to the dead and saving all of the souls who were in prison.   It helped me to remember we didn't come to this life to take rests and give ourselves a pat on the back, we came to this world to learn and to grow, and to give our service to others as is required of us.   There is no sense of fulfilment from sitting on the couch in idleness, there is only fulfillment when we are are helping those who are in need of us.   The study really helped me this week, these days I am usually pretty tired and I sometimes want to think to myself,  "hey I have so many more responsibilities than everyone else in the zone, I had to do more so I can just take a quick rest, but when I read these verses I realize how selfish I am and what I am supposed to be doing, and my tiredness will never relate to that of our Saviors.  He is our prime example of endless service.  When we are tired and hope to rest we can remember him and fulfill our duties.   I'm happy to be here right now where it is so easy to give up rest for service because there is always something to do.

Life is great!   Hope everyone is doing well.

Much love to you all.
Elder Bloomfield
Hanging with the Kameda Family

Beautiful sunset over the volcano.

Volcano is a little more active this week.

Thought for the week:

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