Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7 October 2014 - I Am the Proud Owner of a Manchester United Singing Mug

Hey Fam.,

Well this week was pretty interesting.   Ozono san had some cool experiences.   When we followed up on her praying about whether or not the Plan of Salvation is true, she told us she wasn't too sure about the commitment we had made with her because she has prayed before in her life but never got an answer. But she prayed about it and told us the next morning when she woke up she just felt so strongly in her heart that Christ really lives and felt the exact feelings we told her the spirit would bring to her (Imagine that eh??).  ha ha   She said she was so surprised. On Sunday we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, we were kind of worried because her job is she helps set up tea parties and such and drinks coffee everyday, but she committed to give up alcohol, tea, and coffee!   A week ago she told us she didn't feel any connection to Christ and didn't really believe in him, but on Sunday in sacrament meeting she told us she just felt him so close to her and knows he is real.   Please pray she can continue to avoid the opposition.

Hmm,  what else happened this week?  Arisa san is doing well.   She has up and down times because of her mental state.   In her up times she can keep commitments and such, but in her down times anything we say just doesn't reach her, so it's hard to know if she really needs baptism.   We feel it will help her but we don't want to do anything wrong, we are waiting to hear back from Kaicho on that one.

Oh another wild thing that happened, we decided to visit this Jersey shop on p day real quick and the owner was just like "oh yeah you're Mormon!  I was given a Book of Mormon 15 years ago and the missionaries spoke so powerfully to me and told me to never throw away the Book of Mormon away because it is a special book, so I have always kept it in a special place.   We talked about the gospel a little bit and then he found out I love Manchester United, and then was like "oh one moment! I feel like we truly had a connection and you were meant to come here today so here is this" and he just gave me a $36 mug that sings Man Utd`s song for free!   So we swapped him for a new Book of Mormon in his shop and he told us he would read it whenever customers aren't there.  It was a beautiful day.

Yes, the typhoons just keep coming.   Last weeks was typhoon number 25 for this year.   It was pretty wild, we had a lessons we went to and were streeting home and every ones umbrellas were just getting destroyed and grandmas were getting knocked over.   Incase you are wondering, no the ash does not stop either.   We basically just get black rain and I have ash all over my clothes and boots by the time the rain dries off.

Well I can't really think of what else happened last week.   We visited Kameda san again but nothing has changed, Rui kun was still butt naked, the other kids were throwing dirt, and the mom was sleeping because she started a night job at the bar.    Zannen ne.

Well I hope everyone is doing well.   See you tomorrow.

Elder Bloomfield
Missionaries and "New" Members

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