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13 October 2014 - Last Flight Out of Naze Before the Typhoon.

Hello familia,

 So this week was kind of all over the place, but first off we have to do reports of everyone in our zones week by phone every p day morning. I was amazed at how many investigators prayers were answered by General Conference.   My first thought was dang how are all of the apostles and the prophet soo in tune with the spirit to be able to answer this many prayers in this many peoples` lives, but realized it`s not just the apostles and the prophet but God is truly preparing them all specially and exactly for what they need.  He is in all of our lives whether we realize it or not.   There were so many investigators this weekend who the exact session they went to just happened to have a the talk or multiple talks about the precise thing they needed or question they had.   For our investigator Ozono san, we taught her about prophets this week and told her General Conference is an excellent opportunity so we`d like you to prepare by thinking of some questions or concerns you have and pray to God that they will be answered at General Conference.  On sunday she told us because she used to be Catholic and knows all about the Pope, she was wondering how prophets are chosen to be prophets and how it is different from the Pope.  She said she was so surprised when our good friend Russell M. Nelson answered all of her questions perfectly.

 Besides that, yeah this week we went on splilts down to the island of Naze.  The boat ride down wasn't too bumpy and the typhoon wasn't even close yet, but unfortunately when we went to catch our boat home we found out all boats were anchored and would not be leaving due to the typhoon. ha ha.   Yippee!   So we worked with the elders again the next day, the wind was pretty narly!   I was using one of the Japanese elder`s tiny bike, so that in addition to the horizontal rain shots to the face made it an interesting day of dendo.   Most of the flights were already reserved but we got lucky and were able to get the very last flight out of Naze.  

The typhoon in Kagoshima wasnt too bad, no floods like when we lived in Korea, though it did take care of the trash we had on our back porch.   Woops.  It rained a lot and it was pretty windy, but we were in the protection of our apartment the entire time.  It was pretty solid.  ha ha

Well that's about all I can remember from last week.   Please keep Ozono san in your prayers, she is doing very strong and following the Word of Wisdom still, but it is a big change from her usual 3 cups of coffee to wake up every morning.

Love you all so much!

 Elder Bloomfield

Fun on the Ferry

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