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23 September 2014 - "Wouldn't Rather Be Anywhere Else"

Hello family,
Well this week was neat. It was filled with many meetings and miracles. This week we had to go up to Fukuoka for a MLC (Mission Leader Council) all day, then the zone came to Kagoshima for our ZTM (Zone Training Meeting)on Thursday, then again we had a Zone Conference on Monday where Kaicho and the APs came. Fun times!
We decided this transfer in the zone we are focusing on the hearts of our progressing investigators. Just back to the basics, our purpose is to change the hearts of the people in our areas, if we are not doing that then we might as well go home!   So thats our focus this transfer, touch and change as many hearts as possible.   The training from Kaicho and the APs went perfect with what we felt the zone needed to focus on this transfer so we are way excited for things to come.   Since I have been in Kagoshima, the most progressing investigators we have ever had in one week was around 23, which to be honest is pretty good, but we feel like this transfer we will be able to reach 30, yahoo! Hearts are changing baby!
Oh another thing, this week I was on splits with an elder and his investigator had told him she wanted to hear about commandments next time he came, but if she has no testimony, commandments aren't going to make a difference to her, so we decided to teach her about the Plan of Salvation.  Before we even began the lesson she told us about how one time when her daughter was like 2 or 3 she talked about how before we were born we lived with a lot of people and just went on to explain the pre earth life perfectly!   We were like well now that's actually precisely what we wanted to talk about today, and I got to talk to her about how my mom told me I had the same experience when I was younger about talking about the pre earth life and such.   At the end of the lesson, she told us she feels in her heart she should be baptized.  It was a way solid lesson and always thankful when we follow the spirit. 
My investigator,  Ozono san was funny this week too.  We were explaining about how the spirit answers your prayers through feelings and such and described the feelings and she was like `what! thats how God answers our prayers??   I've been feeling that exact feeling every time I pray and every time I come to this church!`   This church is true :) 
Well actually I can't remember what else happened this week.   Irisa Shimai is doing way good.  She has so much fire to share the gospel and her testimony has grown so much its crazy. 

Well actually I forgot the cool things I was going to write.   This week it rained more ash than rain. ha ha   It was kind of hard to see the past couple days.   Yabai Yabai.  
Life's just swell!   Wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 

Elder Bloomfield
Kagoshima Zone Conference

Travis's companion, Elder Sasaki is the one in the back

Thought for the week:

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