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17 October 2014 - Transferred to the Hombu (Mission Home) as the New Assistant to the President

This is the email I received first from Uchida san regarding Travis's transfer:

Sister Kris
son will be Fukuoka transfer by Shinkansen of 8:03 tomorrow.
Next week was a transfer day, I am very surprised.
I thank for his having been in Kagoshima.
Thank you.
I become very lonely.
                                   from: Tomoko Uchida

Later that day, I received this one:8:54pm Oct 16
Sister Kris
He was transferred to the church headquarters of Fukuoka today.
He becomes an adult in 8-month life.
You will be surely surprised at his growth.

I baked bread and a cookie at midnight and made his favorite Kahn van garfishand lunch of the fruit in the morning.
He made me a happy feeling.

To your and your husband and family love and thanks.

Much love  Tomoko Uchida
The next day, we received this email from Travis:

Well you may be wondering why I am emailing on Saturday, today.  But anyways from now on Saturday will be my p-day.   So getting your emails out by Monday seemed hard enough, but it seems you will have to now step it up in your planning and email me before Saturday, but if you're busy that's okay I understand ;)

This week I got a call from Kaicho and I have been called to serve as his Assistant to the Mission President for however long the Lord requires.   It was really sad to leave Kagoshima, so many cool memories and friends there, but I suppose the Lord has need of me here now. ha ha   It was kind a funny, the night before Kaicho called me I couldn't really sleep at all, then Kaicho called me in the morning and was like "Hey Elder! How was your sleep?"   Then I understood why it was kind of bad sleep...

I feel like I am going to be able to learn so much, so I'm really excited to serve in my new calling.   To be honest, I am kind of nervous.   I don't feel adequate, but I will do my best and trust in the Lord to make up the rest.
This week as we were teaching Ozono san we had testified to her and committed her to pray specifically about blessings of commandments and such, to ask God if these are truly for her and she paused and was like "did you not just hear that?"  "There was a voice, so slight but I heard something tell me these teachings are good, these commandments are good!" ha ha  She has so many crazy cool spiritual experiences.   Please pray for her so she can continue to progress and Elder Sasaki can continue to teach her with the spirit.
I have to go now, but I will be back.
Love you to all!

Elder Bloomfield

Later that day we received this email:
Just now, there was a sister from my first area, Hikari ward who got sealed in the temple today to her husband, and her son is actually serving here in the office so we all got to go see the sealing.   It was way cool, I understood most of the blessings and such but even though it was all in Japanese you could feel the spirit so strong and just feel the importance and reality of what was happening.   This work is 2 legit 2 quit.

But yeah, that was basically my week - typhoon, p day, then Wednesday morning Kaicho called me and told me to report to the office by Thursday morning. ha ha.   I was pretty satisfied with my day though,  I was able to go to the post office, have District Meeting, teach two lessons, help Arisa buy a electronic dictionary, got a haircut, taught Eikaiwa, then packed, and wrote a letter to the Kagoshima Branch.  Otsukare!!

Since coming to the Mission office, we have just been doing transfer stuff  and figuring out my new responsibilities.   This transfer seems pretty busy, because there are still many Districts and Branches in this mission and the Mission President acts as the Stake President of the Districts.  We have to go to the District Conferences and translate which happens to be this transfer.  ha ha.   Most weeks we will be training all the zones on the week days then on the weekend we will have District Conferences.

Kaicho is so amazing! Mission Presidents are so busy, they have so many things to do.  They are truly called by the Lord.
Also mother, I have told you this multiple times but now that I am in the office I can confirm my knowledge and inform you I will indeed be released on Friday, May 22nd. 
Oh and I have a new companion. Crazy thing, yes he was in my same Elders Quorum at BYU and lived across the hall from me at New Heritage.   Yoku shitteiru.   Small world ;)  His name is Elder Jacob Chung.   Another funny thing is he is Elder Dolbin's (my first companion) best friend.   They have known each other since elementary school, they opened their calls the same day, entered the MTC the same day, and they both came to the Fukuoka Japan Mission.   Small world ehh?

Anyways, I love you all.   Hope all is well and genki!   You are all awesome!

Elder Bloomfield

Throwing Elder Sasaki over board (not really).

Rolls Uchida san made for Travis to take on the train to Fukuoka.

Travis and Uchida san at the train station before he left.

Obento (lunch pack) Uchida san made for Travis.

New Companion, Elder Chung

New friend they found.

Thought for the week:

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