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1 September 2014 - Mission Impossible Bike Moves, Pretty Cool!!!!

Hello fam,

Well this week was pretty interesting.  First off we had a goal that we wanted to have two baptismal dates by the end of August.   We set two baptismal dates, Arisa and Takashi, but because Takashi`s fell through I felt that wasn't good enough and wanted to reach the goal of two.  We had splits and mensetsu and a bunch of other stuff we had to do for the zone this week so there wasn't much time for finding, so we were pretty much banking on the lessons we had this week to be able to set all new dates.   But then the unfortunate thing happened of course, of all of those lessons falling through last minute. So we were pretty frustrated and not sure how we were gonna reach our goal.  I got on my knees and prayed to God and asked him how it was that we could do it, I thought about when, or where, but as I thought about each possibility, nothing seemed right except for whoever it was that is prepared for baptism, would come to church on Sunday.  That is what I felt so that is what I continued to pray for all week long.   Sunday came and no one new came to Sacrament Meeting, but after church we had a potluck and going away party for the couple missionaries here.   I went to the hallway to grab something, and saw a man walking up the stairs to the church.  He told me he is a nonmember, but he wants to go to BYU-Hawaii so he took a two hour bus ride, then walked from downtown Kagoshima up the hill to the church for an ecclesiastical endorsement.  I invited him to join us in the potluck and he got to talk to Sasaki Choro about BYU-Hawaii and afterwards we were able to teach him a lesson.  It was a way good lesson, we weren't able to set a baptismal date, but he told us he wants to hear all the lessons haha. God answers prayers, he helps the weak.  I am so weak. So thankful. yattaa!  So that was a neat experience from this week.

On splits this week, my comp and I set a goal of a certain number of people we wanted to invite to be baptized. we were doing good but we were about out of time and we still had a ways to walk home, so we ran home and we turned the corner that the apartment is on, with a few minutes to spare, then surprisingly not a single person was on the street. We were like what! So we were kinda bummed, so we decided well, we can at least buy some drinks for the other elders.  So we crossed the street to go to the 7/11 then this guy just popped out of an alley right in front of us. Tadah!!  He told us he always sees us missionaries and has always wanted to talk to us but never has a chance, so we got to talk to him and such, he was way cool and after we invited him to be baptized he swapped numbers and told us to call again.

On junkai we also met two little girls, who we played a game with for like 5 minutes, then they walked with us and kept us company for like 20 minutes while we were housing.   ha ha   It was way funny.

Another cool miracle, we brought cookies to give to a member, but the member wasn't home when we visited, then the little girl told us her birthday was tomorrow, but she will be driving all day, so maybe no cake, so we gave her the cookies and told her Happy Birthday! yattaa!   Then we later found out she attends an English class that a less active teaches, who actually asked the elders to come in and help teach.   ha ha.   Small World!

This week I had my first crash on my bike, but it was more like mission impossible.   So we were going down a way steep hill, and it was raining pretty good, and I accidentally hit a good patch of ash, so when I was trying to turn, my bike just turned sideways and fell on its side and I started sliding, but somehow I ended up landing just crouching on top of my bike as it slid for a good 15 feet, then it stopped and I popped back up and kept riding! Didn't even touch the road once. The two kids I was sliding towards got a pretty good scare, and I apologized to them, but sheesh they should have payed me money!   They just saw Tom Cruise sliding on a sideways bike for a good 15 to 20 feet that ain't usual!   So that was pretty cool.

Oh also I got punched in the face for the first time on my mission this week. ha ha. But that's another story. I hope all is well!

Much love,
Elder Bloomfield

Reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese with the Volcano in the back ground.

Little girls who wanted to practice their English
"Mr. Muscles" breaking wood.

Scenery near Kagoshima

This is an email received from Tomoko Uchida:

Last night, Elder Bloomfield , is gave me a e-mail.
My English old expression.
But, fun.
And, that he is grateful to me.
It was written in Japanese.

He transferred to the 11th, (maybe)
He was in seven months Kagoshima.

I have never cried when parting.
I will laugh.
His Family will endure the lonely feeling for us for two years.
Thank you.  

When he returned to the United States, please tell him the love and appreciation of me.
And please hug some for me.
He is awesome !
Thanks and lots of love to you and your family.
much love. Tomoko Uchida.

Thought for the week:

Jesus Loves You

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