Monday, September 29, 2014

24 August 2014 - Kagoshima Fireworks

Hey fam, 

Well this week was neat. It was just kind of little growth from all the investigators. We met with an Egyptian man (He actually knows one of the Egyptian guys I taught in Saijo, Small World), He had lots of really in depth questions, he was quite the genius. He told us he usually gets to the lab around 8 in the morning and does experiments until late, but right now he is doing experiments on spiders.   He takes the DNA from the spiders and studies it, and from that he analyzes like what it can eat, and other plants, to see what kind of plants attract the spider and from that sort of thing you can do like natural enemy and stuff like that.   So like basically, if there was a war or something, he could just plant all of the plants near somewhere, it would attract all of these spiders to one area and he could destroy crops or just scare away soldiers and such like that.   Kind of crazy eh? 

This week we also had a firework festival in Kagoshima in which apparently over 200,000 people came.  We wanted to do some ukulele and eikaiwa (English class) flyer proselyting but there were just much to many people. The fireworks were kind of neat though, but the finale was not much of a finale compared to any I have seen in USA.  They definitely go for the pretty fireworks instead of the blast of do as many as you can like we do in America.  Everyone was in kimonos, Irisa shimai even gave 2 kimonos to two of the sister missionaries to wear.   She is so kind. 

Well I don't really know what to say from this week. It was just real busy and real fun as always. I am just always being reminded about how much I love the people and the culture and never want to go home.   Kind of a bummer we lived here when I was so young.  I was too young to appreciate how cool it was. 

This week was Irisa`s birthday so we dressed up her cafe with balloons and streamers and all sorts of goods to surprise her.  I guess you just sort of assume people get this stuff all the time for  birthdays, but she told us this is the first time anyone has ever done that for her.  She was so happy about it that she left up the streamers in her cafe for like 3 days. 

Oh by the way, I did the light the tea bag on fire to show faith example (when you light the tea bag on fire, ask them if they have faith it will fly, and because of the burning oxygen it flies before the fire reaches the ground) for the Kameda kids this week when we taught faith.   We were pretty nervous, because we wasted at least 20 mugicha bags in the apartment, trying to burn them and figure out how to get them to fly.   But we asked them `whooo has enough faith that this bag will fly if we burn it!?`   Luckily it flew the first time, then we decided to do it again, but when we burned it the second time it just burned and did nothing.  ha ha   So we turned to them and were like `well do you see what happens when you don't have faith!?   You have to believe!`  It worked out real well. 

Well love you all. 

Elder Bloomfield

At a Shrine (doing much thinking)

People everywhere watching the fireworks

This is another email I received from Uchida san.  I am so grateful for her kindness to Travis and the other missionaries.  Glad to know someone is taking care of him.

Dear Sister Kris

Thank you for the mail when your busy.

Hope you I'm glad I Mote a fun summer vacation.
8/23 (Saturday) is a big fireworks display No. 1 in Kagoshima.
I think missionaries in Kagoshima and enjoy in Summer Cruise.

So as no longer send photos from PC of City Hall,
If you received a photo from him, we will send you.

Volcanic ash is small this year, missionaries can do this Taere the heat.

The 25th birthday of the younger son of me.
I will go to all-you-can-eat in Kagoshima missionaries four.

With love
U.TToday's photo.

Thank you.

I love Elder Bloomfield.UT
Outside All-You-Can-Eat restaurant that Uchida san took the missionaries to.

Uchida san' son on his birthday eating the cake Travis made for him.

Thought for the week:

17 August 2014 - "Put Off The Natural Man"

Hey fam, 

Well how's it going anyways?   This week was good. We have been pretty blown away at all of the way cool miracles throughout the Zone last week as a result from the 40 day fast program we are doing.  When we decide to put off the natural man and actually follow God`s will, his work and guidance becomes so much easier. Surprise, Surprise aye? 

One cool miracle we had this week was at our lesson on Monday, we were teaching a lady named Machi san about the Plan of Salvation.   We had called our joint the night before and asked her if she could join in the lesson and she said sure thing!   She told us she decided to pray to God and ask where in the Book of Mormon she should read to help prepare for the lesson.   When we were preparing for the lesson, we decided we wanted to read parts from Alma 40 and Alma 34 with Machi san, so that's what we did.   At the end of the lesson, Machi san was talking about how she doesn't feel close to God because she has been Shinto since she was a child.   Our joint bore testimony about when we trust in God and in prayer, he will always comfort us, and told how she prayed the night before where to read in the Book of Mormon, and felt she should read in Alma 40 and 34, the same scriptures we decided to read in the lesson. 

This week I have actually been studying more about the Holy Ghost and sanctifying our self so we can be closer to God and receive his guidance. #1  I learned that we actually can't sanctify our self.   We can make ourselves worthy and try to live right, but it is God that forgives us and sanctifies us. # 2 When you are living right to always have the Holy Ghost as your companion, you don't have to pray and seek guidance for every thing, because you will have the spirit as your companion already and you will go about making decisions and know it is right.   When we were preparing for the lesson we were just like yep that scripture sounds good! okay yoshiii lets do it.  It was just a simple decision but then we were pretty surprised about our joint`s experience.   Thank goodness we had the spirit right!   We might have chosen like Alma 41 or somethin crazy like that! 

Another cool miracle, Elder Sasaki and I had prayed and set a goal for ourselves to find specifically a college age woman, and college age man to take the lessons by the 13th.  Because of stuff for the Zone we haven't had a lot of finding time till this week so we were kinda nervous.  On the 12th, we housed into a 20 year old girl, who told us she wants to be baptized.   When we invited her, and accepted to meet again, then on the 13th, our last contact of the night, we found an Egyptian man who agreed to meet again after we told him about the Book of Mormon.   Then a couple of days ago, a 20 year old girl named Arisa moved into Irisa`s apartment, she is just super prepared, already loves the gospel, she loves Christianity so much she has thought about changing her name to Mary before (haha that part was kinda weird), but we taught about the priesthood and she committed to a baptism date as well.   Just miracles on miracles this week it was kinda crazy.   Safe to say this 40 Day Fast has been a great help so far!   Screw the natural man right! 

Love to all,

Elder Bloomfield

Cool picture with Golem`s older sister.

Thought for the week:

10 August 2013 - "Etarnal Famille"

Hey Etarnal famille,
Yesterday in our branch one of the family`s daughter got married so they had a little ceremony and slide show. This slide show happened to have spectacular English all over it, including their `etarnal famille.`
So this week was neat. the typhoon wasn't too bad.   It left way cool clouds and sky in Kagoshima for a few days.

Takashi kun is crazy as ever.   This week on Tuesday he told us he wants to stop the lessons, but we talked about it with him and it ended up being a way spiritual lesson, it was pretty neat.   On Sunday, haha we had a really cool experience. so we visited him before we went to church for our morning meetings to wake him up.  He told us he's not sure if he can come to church today because of various things and eventually was like okay, maybe i will just come and see today, but it was pretty bimio, so we told him we would come back at 9:30 and walk with him to church.  After dendo choseshukai on our way to his apartment he emailed us and told us he can't come to church today something came up. And then he tried to call us as well.  We stopped and prayed that he would be able to come to church and feel comfortable and pretty much right as we wrung his doorbell he was out the door white shirt and slacks ready to go with his belt half off ready to go! haha i still dont know what changed but it was way cool.   He really liked church and told us he could feel the spirit during the Sacrament.   He's just a way goofy kid.  I wanna hang out with him all the time.   He loves to just use the random English he knows, but its not really much, so its usually pretty entertaining.   An example is after Sacrament Meeting, I asked him, "hey Takishi kun how was Sacrament Meeting, what did you think?"  His comment was `justice...` haha   So yeah the language barrier is not a problem at all.
We also had a way cool experience with one of the less actives this week.   We have meet with him many times and invited him to church Nankaimo but he always bails last minute.  This week we were talking to him about the 
Atonement and he just kind of stopped and put his head down and told us how he feels he hasn't had Christ in his life lately but really wants to change and wants to feel the love from the Atonement.   So he came to church Sunday!   He was way genki at church and is a changing man!
This week Kameda san was sick so not much happened there.   The boys got new buzz cuts so they all look like little monks now.   The 4 year old Kaede kun, has recently picked up kanchoing to the front.   If your confused I'll explain, its where you stick your hand out straight, as if your hand were some sort of weapon, bring your had near to the ground and as if your hand were a rocket you then shoot upwards aiming for Elder Bloomfield`s zipper sending out  war cry in the process.   It makes focusing on Kameda san`s Japanese awfully difficult.
Well I'm out of time for now, we are going to go get Yakitori with Takashikun but perhaps I will return in the later hours.

Hope all is well in Alaska (Steve, I, Olivia, Cassi and Mason are visiting Karlynn and family in Juneau Alaska when this email came).
Elder Bloomfield

Kagoshima sky after the Tphoon

Kameda san's children with "new buzz cuts"

"Life in Japan"

Here is an email and pictures I received from Uchida san:

Texas, It is midnight.

I am sorry. Today, it was together in the church elders Bloomfild.
His book cover of the Bible because his was broken, I'll bring next time the glue gun.

And so do not take photos in the church, and I'm sorry if there is no photo of him.
It is his dinner tonight.

I was called a white prepare a spoon of silver.
This is the meal she fixed for Travis that he ate at the church.

She met them at the church and was going to fix Travis's Bible as the cover was broken.  

Thought for the week:

3 August 2014 - 40 Day Fast

Hello family,

Well I'm not really sure what happened this week. There was transfers. All of the District Leaders in the Zone got transferred and all first time DL's were brought up so they're just a real excited bunch it should be a good time :) 

I started a 40 Day Fast on Sunday of goals I want to do or things I want to stop so I can better live with the spirit everyday, and just become a better person in general.  I did this earlier in my mission so I'm way excited to do it again.  Some of the things I am fasting for is from saying any complaints, not a single one for 40 days.  I'm way excited.   Comparing my love for others to the Saviors, and improve.  I want to work on always smiling. These days I am so tired, so to better use my mornings and prayer and wake up better I will drink 2 or 3 cups of water first thing as soon as I wake up.  I heard it wakes ya up real good.  Then other things too so it should be a good time. 

This week there were 2 typhoons that came. So, the rain was pretty solid and would just randomly come when we didn't expect it.  One day after our English class we were hesitating if we should stay put or just go for our adventure into the rain because we didn't have any rain gear, then an older man stopped us and told us to follow him, so we did and he ended up giving us a ride home!   He had a way nice Crown (type of car) and told us he felt something good from us so he just decided to give us a ride home.   We shared the gospel and he told him he could call us sometime. 

We started teaching Kameda san`s daughter.   We are hoping that as Kameda san sees the change in her daughter, it will help her to quit tobacco and realize the blessings that come from the gospel. 

Takashi kun is doing great.   We asked him what is his most favorite food was, he told us curry.   We asked him what is his second most favorite food. he told us umm probably indo curry haha   Soo we made him some curry and ate lunch with him at his apartment. He told us it was the most delicious curry he has ever eaten in his life. 
Also this week was Aochan (one of kameda`s daughters) birthday, so we tried to bake her a cake, but it ended up rising a lot like a mountain in the middle for some reason. so we decorated it real nice and put lava on it and made her a Sakurajima Volcano cake!   It was beautiful. 

Well I don't really know what happened last week.   Uchida san emailed us this morning and told us her boss talked to her about having every Sunday off for church and she could lose her job.   So please keep her in your prayers and if you have time maybe you and dad could just send her a simple email this week.  I think it would really help her. 

Well love ya all! 

Elder Bloomfield

Elders Jumping for Joy!!

Elder Saski on the Ferry.

So Cool!!

I emailed Uchida san and this is the reply I received.  She is so sweet as Travis mentioned and tries so hard with everything she does.

Thank you for your e-mail.

I'm sister Tomoko Uchida.

I'm sorry I can't speak English well.

When my baptism," The person to whom the Baptism Do not laugh unless you show your teeth."Elder Bloomfild was said.

It is this photo.

I'm not that you have to kind.
It is a missionary half and sons of their own.  Now likely to eat a very hard Pretzel Elderl Bloomfild.
"Do not eat !"
I have mail and, but it was after he ate.

I will cook the chicken and chickpeas and couscous on Saturday. He might have been suffering in my cooking.

Your son who came to Kagoshima from February is the son of a very important American to me.

I was feeling when you are taking lessons, always, your parents is had taught him.

Thank you so much.
I love your family.
It is the thing that someday, l want to meet you

Here is Travis's translation of her email:

haha   So if you didn't catch that she is trying to say, at the baptism I told her it is a rule for baptism pictures that you have to show your teeth when you smile.   Also she once baked cinnamon pretzels, but then sent us an email that she she got a stomach ache so for us to not eat the pretzels, but I thought they were fine so I ate them all anyways. The were delicious!   Then as she was taking the lessons she could tell my parents had taught me well. 

Travis told Unchida san that you have to show your teeth when you smile.  It made all the other missionaries are laugh.

Thought for the week:

29 July 2014 - Uchida san's Baptism

Hello family,

Gomen we are emailing a bit late again this week.  There hasn't been time till 
just now.   Last week was pretty good.  I'm sending pictures of Uchida`s baptism.  
Mom you should get to know this woman.

In all honesty, with the exception to the women in my family, she has
probably done more for me than any other woman so far in my life.   She
is incredibly Christlike and never a single thought about herself,
always service, service, service.   She first met missionaries at the
English class 2 years ago, i don't know how it was then, but since I've
been here in Kagoshima, she brings the missionaries food to eikaiwa 
(English Class) every week, bakes us foods we wouldn't normally get in 
Japan, plans fun p day activities for the missionaries in Sendai, Taniyama, and
Kagoshima each transfer, and takes all the missionaries to an all you
can eat restaurant in Kagoshima each transfer.   She has always felt
peace around the missionaries and because of that is always serving.
From various missionaries she learned about the Book of Mormon, and
always makes time, even if it is at 3 in the morning before her work,
to read the Book of Mormon each week because she has committed to do it.   
She had a lot of fears about baptism at first but through a lot of really cool
answers to prayers she has continued to progress and one of the big
reasons she got baptized is because she hopes her sons can one day be
missionaries as well.

Her sons are kind of in a rough period right now, they hate school, usually
don't go, just stay up all the time, and don't ever support or help their mom,
because it seems they are just kinda angry at life (Uchida went through
a divorce a few years back).   Yesterday we got to totsuzen and have
dinner with Uchida and her son who is just starting high school.   We
just kind of talked with him and made it fun, it wasn't too hard
because our personalities were pretty similar.  It was a pretty good
dinner.   Uchida emailed us after and told us thank you so much that the
dinner we had was the most she has seen him smile so far this year.  He
is a way cool kid and I'm not really sure why but he reminded me of the
Hugies son, Camden (I think that was his name) haha.   It was cool to
see once again though how God has prepared people for certain people
waiting to be helped at a certain time and certain place.   Some people
may complain how life isn't fair, but God has a plan for everyone and
if you want to know it you have to search for it.  'Not all action
brings happiness, but without action there will never be happiness.`

This week we had an FHE with Irisa`s sister`s family and they let me
play their Japanese guitar thing.   I forgot the name but it was way

Yesterday was transfers, i am staying in Kagoshima for 5 and still
with Sasaki, our 4th transfer together haha  Bikuri shinaii!!   So at
this rate I should only serve in 3 areas in my mission. we will see
how it goes. ;)

Well I don't really remember what else happened last week. I realized
how precious old obachan's (grandma's) in Japan are when i was passing 
the sacrament and one of the obachan's would bow to me each time she took 
the tray from me and then gave it back.

Oh hahah,  we met a new high school kid named Takashi.   He is quite the
crack up.   He's just an odd kid but really wants to know if God is there
and wants to be baptized.   We met him on the street and he came to the
open house, but he actually came 3 hours early so he participated in
church as well haha.   When we met with him last week he told us how he
one time came to hate sports, and one day he was really angry and saw
the tennis team seeming to have so much fun and they were all happy. so 
he decided he wanted to `destroy` the tennis team.   So he signed up for the 
team and began playing, but would only use his left hand and would loose
games on purpose and such.   All was going in his favor until his coach
noticed he was just super uncoordinated with his left hand, found out
he was actually right handed, and then kicked him off the team and he
got in trouble with the school and so now he is here in Kagoshima at a
different school.   The best part is he has random stories like this
each lesson.   But he's a way cute kid and loves how he feels when he
reads the Book of Mormon and told us he wants to find true happiness.

In the next package you send,  another small thing of peanut butter would 
be a fun time.

It was raining last week but to be honest i wasn't really in Kagoshima too much. 
Monday I was in Fukuoka to go to the temple,  Tuesday I was still in Fukuoka 
for mlc (zone leader meeting).  Wednesday was sunny in Kagoshima but 
we were doing all sorts of things indoors.  Thursday was Zone Training meeting.
Friday was fhe with Irisa and then Uchida`s baptism.  Saturday we had to go to 
Sendai to help out with their open house.  Sunday morning we returned home, 
went to church had some meetings, came home and then did planning, dinner 
and some dendo. so it was a mighty fine week!

Your girls camp sounded way cool! I'm just wondering though, if the
members in California are doing that much missionary work, what do all
the missionaries do?? (I wrote and told him that we had 26 
either less active or non-member girls that attended 
camp.  That was 1/3 of all the girls that attended).
Here all of that stuff is our responsibility. we have to visit the less actives 
and bring them back, we plan and carry out the activities that may bring 
non members, we do the spiritual thoughts and such.   Perhaps whoever 
is teaching you all to be such member missionaries can come to Japan and 
raise the vision of the members here.

Well hope you are all genki!

Elder Bloomfield

Travis baptizing Uchida san

Travis, Uchida san and Elder Sasaki

Meeting some cows

Thought for the week:

Monday, September 22, 2014

21 July 2014 - Gomen (Sorry) No Time to Write

So gomen (sorry),  I don't have any time today.   Here is some of my letter to Kaicho (Mission President).   We went to the temple today it was way super awesome.  I loved it.   Here are some pictures to make up for no letter. 
          Also this week I realized I can't ever complain about mowing the lawn again.  This week I cut a less actives grass for 3 hours. The only problem is it would have taken me 5 mins. if I would have had a lawn mower, but instead he gave me a 4 inch sickle or whatever the heck that thing is called.  It was great fun. 

           Love you all!
 This week`s plan of reading the Book of Mormon everyday with her was unfortunately halted when she got sick mid way through the week and wasn't able to come to church and the open house with her family on Sunday.  

The Open House was way last minute, and a lot of things thrown in at the end, but luckily through dendo at the Matsuri festival all week and eki dendo it ended up really good. A fufu, 2 high school students who have a lot of interest, and recent convert Irisa Shimai`s little sister`s family came, and a few others were able to attend our Open House.   A lot of the members thanked the missionaries for the Open House and its success afterwards, so hopefully they understand what it is all about now, and next time the members will be able to involve them selves more, use their own talents within the branch, and not throw it all on the missionaries again.

Irisa Shimai told us she had been praying she could share the gospel with her family, and that someday they would come to her cafe the same time as us and meet. This week while we were talking about the open house and planning things, her family came, and now are attending eikaiwa every week and we have an appointment with them on Friday!

Uchida san is doing really good.  She has progressed so much and has her baptismal mensetsu scheduled for this Friday.   She has changed a lot and we are happy for her.

The work in Kagoshima is growing.   It is exciting to see and be a part of it. 
Ferry Ride to Haze Island


Fukuoka Temple (Not sure what the pose is???)

Thought for the week:

13 July 2014 - Disappointing Typhoon

Yeah so did everyone hear?   Kara's water finally broke... 

But anyways this week was good.   Besides the typhoon that was incredibly disappointing.   You may not know but as missionaries... we know nothing, besides what we hear on the street, ain't got no ipad or weather report, (usually i just judge the weather by how moist my eyebrow is when i wake up in the morning, pretty accurate), and what we heard on the street was pretty exciting. biggest typhoon in Japan's  history.  We had less actives calling us telling us to evacuate immediately (this was when it was still sunny).    Thursday rolled around and all i could think was hmm, i think I've been in worse before... So that was a blessing. The wind was pretty solid, and we had to do a lot of prep for the typhoon, but no 72 hour kits were used and all was well. 

This week Kameda san and the family came to church again. haha   The kids are always a riot.   The most wampaku (wild and crazy) kid, Kaide kun, the 4 year old, reminds me of when Kyle was younger, always a smile but up to no good.  He told one of the sisters during Sacrament Meeting that she prays wrong when she tried to get him to fold his arms and he said,  "no, i pray with my hands folded you are wrong."  haha.   He is pretty rambunctious but church is always a blessing for Kameda san.   She told us she didn't have the temptation to smoke at all while at church and is continuing to progress but in her own slow way.  We have a fun plan we made up to help her through.

Another cool miracle this week, there are some Elders in the Zone teaching a Chinese man and they were wondering how they can help him to better understand and build his testimony.  i had the thought of calling Sho and asking him to joint in one of their lessons through a phone call and talk to the Chinese college student taking the lessons.   He of course said he'd love to, but I actually found out Sho is heading back to Shankhai on the 24th, the same day as the Chinese college student,and they are both leaving out of Shimonoseki in Fukuoka, so they are most likely going to be on the same boat heading back to China.   Pretty crazy right?   God is a genius. it was way good to get to talk to Sho on the phone.   I asked him how life is and he told me it is way good because he quit his job so he's way happy now.   haha   So that's good.   Sho is just going back to visit his family. he actually got a new job here in Japan so he doesn't know where he will live in a year because they get to kind of choose where they will send him in Japan.

This week we were out housing and knocked on a lady`s door who gave us the usual `i'm not Christian so leave,` but we stopped her fast enough before the door slammed, and the funny part was by the end of the contact she was like, "Who are your parents?  I want to meet them, why are you such good people?   Oh yes, yes i will read this entire Book of Mormon, you can come back next week and visit.   i've never met anyone as erai as you." haha   It was another great reminder of how the spirit can touch and change anyone.  You can't judge who is prepared'  Just invite and give them the chance, and God will help them however they need it.   So dozo (go ahead), don't ask questions, just serve.   You will always find yourself where you are supposed to be. 

Life is good. 

Hope all is well. 

Elder Bloomfield 

Thought for the week:

6 July 2014 - "I'm an Uncle"

Hello family. 

Well I don't know if you heard but I'm an uncle!........ Uhh yeah, K well anyways, this week was good'  Kameda san is still trying to ganbaru (hang in there and give it her best)with her tobacco addiction so please pray for her everyday. i shared with her about how when Nephi was bound with chords from his brothers, and how the power that was used to free himself from those chords was through the grace from the atonement, and I told her we are all worthy of using this power and help and asked her if she feels like she is bound with chords right now with tobacco.  She told me yes, but it feels more like iron or steel, not just cords.   So she really wants to stop but it is kinda difficult for her.   We are doing different things to help her out, but one way cool thing is her kids.   It is kind of interesting how we haven't really ever taught them much, yet they have picked up praying just as much as she has, they fight over who gets to pray before we leave, the 9 year old reads the Book of Mormon by herself sometimes.  We found out last week, her kids (without even knowing we challenged her to quit smoking) told her that she should stop smoking because they learned at school it is bad for you.  These kids seriously have the Light of Christ in them and have been a solid foundation and desire for her be a better person and ganbaru with the gospel.   This week we are going to do an FHE with the kids and our hope is that through this she can see even more how the gospel blesses families and it will help her to give up smoking.

This week we asked our investigator Uchida san to pray that her worries and various questions can be answered through church before she came to church on Sunday.  She told us later that she felt every ones testimony in fast and testimony meeting were directed right at her and answered her questions just perfectly.   Amazing what happens in a room full of the spirit if you ask for a little guidance before hand ehh?   Also as we taught her about fasting and asked her to commit to fast once a month she told us she (just like Irisa shimai had done) was actually already fasting and would (of course) do it.   Not sure why we even teach fasting anymore if everyone is already doing it   jeezums! 

irisa shimai is doing way good though.   Always cool miracles from her.   She bore her testimony on Fast Sunday about how she was supposed to visit family near Tokyo before her baptism, but didn't have time with all of our lessons, her commitment to baptism, and her shop.   So she went last week instead, but because she went last week she was actually able to visit a different friend as well who was there at the same time.  The friend is some boss of some company, but asked her to come and perform (she is a way good singer) at the Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo Disneyland in September.   Pretty cool right?    She is a blessed woman.

Well I hope you're all well.   This week we did dendo at the central train station.   A total of like 8 missionaries and a couple members, but i played the ukulele and we sang some Primary/Hymn songs and then just talked to everyone there for a couple of hours about an open house that the missionaries in Taniyama are doing.   It was way successful and way super fun.   Everyone loved the uke and the gaijins (foreigners)and thought the Open House sounded way cool.   A total of like 23 nonmembers ended up coming to their Open House they had on Saturday. 

So we did ukulele dendo. and i we want to do it again for our Open House but I can't play the ukulele.  i was wondering if you can download sheet music or at least the chords for it (prolly Kara and Kyle understand) and send me these things by next week. we want to do this dendo by the eki (train station)again in a week and a half. if you could send the chords or sheet music to songs like Frozen, or any Taylor Swift songs, or really any song that people would know (the popular radio songs that people in Japan would know too) we want to play music that gets peoples attention real quick so we can talk to them about the Open House and our English class and such.   If you could help out with that bad boy it would be much appreciated.   Whatever you can get works.   Arigatou ne. yoroshuku (thank you kindly).

Well anyways,  if you haven't read the article about future changes to be made in the missionary work in the `ldsnewsroom` you should prolly check it out.

Enjoy the World Cup.

See ya tomorrow!

Elder Bloomfield

Thought for the week:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

23 June 2014 - "Way Good Week"

Yep Yep Yep!    3 cheers!

So Mukaitani Choro (Elder) went home Friday.   It was so sad, he called me the night before he left and we got to talk for a bit.   He's such a fun guy.  Time goes by too fast.  He told me he will prolly have a kid by the time I get home... that's pretty quick my friend.   Kiotsuki

This week was way good.   We had District Conference this weekend, so we wanted to do a fun dendo (proselyting) with the entire zone, but these days everything is so complicated you must get permission if you are going to even breathe on government property.   We wanted to do a fun park dendo, like I play the ukulele while another Elder plays the keyboard and guitar and we sing and such, or draw the plan of salvation with chalk, or sporting dendo, just fun cool stuff like that, at a park (the kind of stuff everyone is doing already, just not in a group of gaijin (foreigners)).   But in trying to get permission from the police and the City Hall, they told us no can do kid because we are missionaries and related with religion.   These days religious freedom is restricted more and more and its quite frustrating.   They just don't understand we just want to share happiness and play fun music, not preach to them in the middle of the park like Satan or something jeezums!   We're just normal people living normal lives just trying to give service!   So that was fun but we still did a sort of zone dendo on Sunday where we all split up and went to different houses.   We got like everyone pumped up with the spirit and stuff before we went out and in just 45 mins. we found multiple new investigators and saw some cool miracles it was way fun.   

Irisa san as able to get baptized on Saturday night it went really really well and because it was District Conference, Gustafson Kaicho (President)was there as well.  That was fun.   She emailed us yesterday and said,  "thank you again for the baptism.   I am so thankful for this opportunity,   I felt great at the baptism on Saturday but I feel even better today.   I have never felt better in my whole life."  So, I guess  this church is true!!!!!!!!!   Irisa san looks a lil bit like Yuka Burton,  I think.   But maybe I forgot what Yuka looks like.   Irisa san is probably in her 40s I think, maybe 50s. 

Kameda san and Uchida san (eikawa (English) student who is an angel and brings us food every week.  She loves the missionaries and loves the feeling she receives from us, so we started teaching her and set a baptismal date for next month) were able to attend as well and said they felt way good during the baptism.   The members talked about how blown away they were at how fast her faith grew and the miracles she saw and such just giving up coffee like it was no big deal.   

At the same time though Kameda felt kind of intimidated at how easy she gave it up and is kinda struggling with Word of Wisdom, so please keep her in your prayers.   She is still doing way good though.   She told us she just feels warm whenever she is at church or with us, or praying.   Her faith has grown so much. 

Something else way cool too is we have noticed she treats her kids different since we first met her as well.   She used to just let them run around and do whatever, but lately she talks about promises she makes with the kids to be better and treat each other nicer and stuff like that. 

The Gospel changes lives when you don't even realize it.   God is a smart man that is for sure. 

Well I can't really think of what happened this week, taught some lessons, saw way cool miracles.   It's rain season and we did the walk to the church a total of 6 times this weekend, so I feel like my calves are mightier than the grand canyon so that is exciting. 

Well I hope everyone is genki (happy) and just having a grand ol time.   Maybe I'll never come home so that's okay. 

Oh also the City Hall computer destroyed my SD card again.   It deleted all of my photos so hopefully you can fix this one as well maybe.   woop woop!

See you tomorrow!
Elder Bloomfield

Elder Mukaitani and Travis

Elder Sasaki, Irisa-san and Travis at Baptism

Elder Sasaki, Irisa-san, Travis and Sister and Pres. Gustafson
This is the zone minus the 5 missionaries on the Island of Naze. It is a fairly large one indeed!   There are about 3 Japanese Elders and 3 Japanese Sisters in the Zone.   Thats the least amount of Japanese Elders it's been since I came to the zone.
So I emailed Travis and asked him why he was squatting in the picture -notice his legs and he said, "I was worried I was blocking the little people behind me.   I'm kinda way big here mom, it's so embarrassing,  jeezums  It is like I'm the Iron Giant or something (because my calves are iron of course)".  

Thought for the week: