Monday, September 22, 2014

6 July 2014 - "I'm an Uncle"

Hello family. 

Well I don't know if you heard but I'm an uncle!........ Uhh yeah, K well anyways, this week was good'  Kameda san is still trying to ganbaru (hang in there and give it her best)with her tobacco addiction so please pray for her everyday. i shared with her about how when Nephi was bound with chords from his brothers, and how the power that was used to free himself from those chords was through the grace from the atonement, and I told her we are all worthy of using this power and help and asked her if she feels like she is bound with chords right now with tobacco.  She told me yes, but it feels more like iron or steel, not just cords.   So she really wants to stop but it is kinda difficult for her.   We are doing different things to help her out, but one way cool thing is her kids.   It is kind of interesting how we haven't really ever taught them much, yet they have picked up praying just as much as she has, they fight over who gets to pray before we leave, the 9 year old reads the Book of Mormon by herself sometimes.  We found out last week, her kids (without even knowing we challenged her to quit smoking) told her that she should stop smoking because they learned at school it is bad for you.  These kids seriously have the Light of Christ in them and have been a solid foundation and desire for her be a better person and ganbaru with the gospel.   This week we are going to do an FHE with the kids and our hope is that through this she can see even more how the gospel blesses families and it will help her to give up smoking.

This week we asked our investigator Uchida san to pray that her worries and various questions can be answered through church before she came to church on Sunday.  She told us later that she felt every ones testimony in fast and testimony meeting were directed right at her and answered her questions just perfectly.   Amazing what happens in a room full of the spirit if you ask for a little guidance before hand ehh?   Also as we taught her about fasting and asked her to commit to fast once a month she told us she (just like Irisa shimai had done) was actually already fasting and would (of course) do it.   Not sure why we even teach fasting anymore if everyone is already doing it   jeezums! 

irisa shimai is doing way good though.   Always cool miracles from her.   She bore her testimony on Fast Sunday about how she was supposed to visit family near Tokyo before her baptism, but didn't have time with all of our lessons, her commitment to baptism, and her shop.   So she went last week instead, but because she went last week she was actually able to visit a different friend as well who was there at the same time.  The friend is some boss of some company, but asked her to come and perform (she is a way good singer) at the Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo Disneyland in September.   Pretty cool right?    She is a blessed woman.

Well I hope you're all well.   This week we did dendo at the central train station.   A total of like 8 missionaries and a couple members, but i played the ukulele and we sang some Primary/Hymn songs and then just talked to everyone there for a couple of hours about an open house that the missionaries in Taniyama are doing.   It was way successful and way super fun.   Everyone loved the uke and the gaijins (foreigners)and thought the Open House sounded way cool.   A total of like 23 nonmembers ended up coming to their Open House they had on Saturday. 

So we did ukulele dendo. and i we want to do it again for our Open House but I can't play the ukulele.  i was wondering if you can download sheet music or at least the chords for it (prolly Kara and Kyle understand) and send me these things by next week. we want to do this dendo by the eki (train station)again in a week and a half. if you could send the chords or sheet music to songs like Frozen, or any Taylor Swift songs, or really any song that people would know (the popular radio songs that people in Japan would know too) we want to play music that gets peoples attention real quick so we can talk to them about the Open House and our English class and such.   If you could help out with that bad boy it would be much appreciated.   Whatever you can get works.   Arigatou ne. yoroshuku (thank you kindly).

Well anyways,  if you haven't read the article about future changes to be made in the missionary work in the `ldsnewsroom` you should prolly check it out.

Enjoy the World Cup.

See ya tomorrow!

Elder Bloomfield

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