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10 August 2013 - "Etarnal Famille"

Hey Etarnal famille,
Yesterday in our branch one of the family`s daughter got married so they had a little ceremony and slide show. This slide show happened to have spectacular English all over it, including their `etarnal famille.`
So this week was neat. the typhoon wasn't too bad.   It left way cool clouds and sky in Kagoshima for a few days.

Takashi kun is crazy as ever.   This week on Tuesday he told us he wants to stop the lessons, but we talked about it with him and it ended up being a way spiritual lesson, it was pretty neat.   On Sunday, haha we had a really cool experience. so we visited him before we went to church for our morning meetings to wake him up.  He told us he's not sure if he can come to church today because of various things and eventually was like okay, maybe i will just come and see today, but it was pretty bimio, so we told him we would come back at 9:30 and walk with him to church.  After dendo choseshukai on our way to his apartment he emailed us and told us he can't come to church today something came up. And then he tried to call us as well.  We stopped and prayed that he would be able to come to church and feel comfortable and pretty much right as we wrung his doorbell he was out the door white shirt and slacks ready to go with his belt half off ready to go! haha i still dont know what changed but it was way cool.   He really liked church and told us he could feel the spirit during the Sacrament.   He's just a way goofy kid.  I wanna hang out with him all the time.   He loves to just use the random English he knows, but its not really much, so its usually pretty entertaining.   An example is after Sacrament Meeting, I asked him, "hey Takishi kun how was Sacrament Meeting, what did you think?"  His comment was `justice...` haha   So yeah the language barrier is not a problem at all.
We also had a way cool experience with one of the less actives this week.   We have meet with him many times and invited him to church Nankaimo but he always bails last minute.  This week we were talking to him about the 
Atonement and he just kind of stopped and put his head down and told us how he feels he hasn't had Christ in his life lately but really wants to change and wants to feel the love from the Atonement.   So he came to church Sunday!   He was way genki at church and is a changing man!
This week Kameda san was sick so not much happened there.   The boys got new buzz cuts so they all look like little monks now.   The 4 year old Kaede kun, has recently picked up kanchoing to the front.   If your confused I'll explain, its where you stick your hand out straight, as if your hand were some sort of weapon, bring your had near to the ground and as if your hand were a rocket you then shoot upwards aiming for Elder Bloomfield`s zipper sending out  war cry in the process.   It makes focusing on Kameda san`s Japanese awfully difficult.
Well I'm out of time for now, we are going to go get Yakitori with Takashikun but perhaps I will return in the later hours.

Hope all is well in Alaska (Steve, I, Olivia, Cassi and Mason are visiting Karlynn and family in Juneau Alaska when this email came).
Elder Bloomfield

Kagoshima sky after the Tphoon

Kameda san's children with "new buzz cuts"

"Life in Japan"

Here is an email and pictures I received from Uchida san:

Texas, It is midnight.

I am sorry. Today, it was together in the church elders Bloomfild.
His book cover of the Bible because his was broken, I'll bring next time the glue gun.

And so do not take photos in the church, and I'm sorry if there is no photo of him.
It is his dinner tonight.

I was called a white prepare a spoon of silver.
This is the meal she fixed for Travis that he ate at the church.

She met them at the church and was going to fix Travis's Bible as the cover was broken.  

Thought for the week:

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