Monday, September 29, 2014

3 August 2014 - 40 Day Fast

Hello family,

Well I'm not really sure what happened this week. There was transfers. All of the District Leaders in the Zone got transferred and all first time DL's were brought up so they're just a real excited bunch it should be a good time :) 

I started a 40 Day Fast on Sunday of goals I want to do or things I want to stop so I can better live with the spirit everyday, and just become a better person in general.  I did this earlier in my mission so I'm way excited to do it again.  Some of the things I am fasting for is from saying any complaints, not a single one for 40 days.  I'm way excited.   Comparing my love for others to the Saviors, and improve.  I want to work on always smiling. These days I am so tired, so to better use my mornings and prayer and wake up better I will drink 2 or 3 cups of water first thing as soon as I wake up.  I heard it wakes ya up real good.  Then other things too so it should be a good time. 

This week there were 2 typhoons that came. So, the rain was pretty solid and would just randomly come when we didn't expect it.  One day after our English class we were hesitating if we should stay put or just go for our adventure into the rain because we didn't have any rain gear, then an older man stopped us and told us to follow him, so we did and he ended up giving us a ride home!   He had a way nice Crown (type of car) and told us he felt something good from us so he just decided to give us a ride home.   We shared the gospel and he told him he could call us sometime. 

We started teaching Kameda san`s daughter.   We are hoping that as Kameda san sees the change in her daughter, it will help her to quit tobacco and realize the blessings that come from the gospel. 

Takashi kun is doing great.   We asked him what is his most favorite food was, he told us curry.   We asked him what is his second most favorite food. he told us umm probably indo curry haha   Soo we made him some curry and ate lunch with him at his apartment. He told us it was the most delicious curry he has ever eaten in his life. 
Also this week was Aochan (one of kameda`s daughters) birthday, so we tried to bake her a cake, but it ended up rising a lot like a mountain in the middle for some reason. so we decorated it real nice and put lava on it and made her a Sakurajima Volcano cake!   It was beautiful. 

Well I don't really know what happened last week.   Uchida san emailed us this morning and told us her boss talked to her about having every Sunday off for church and she could lose her job.   So please keep her in your prayers and if you have time maybe you and dad could just send her a simple email this week.  I think it would really help her. 

Well love ya all! 

Elder Bloomfield

Elders Jumping for Joy!!

Elder Saski on the Ferry.

So Cool!!

I emailed Uchida san and this is the reply I received.  She is so sweet as Travis mentioned and tries so hard with everything she does.

Thank you for your e-mail.

I'm sister Tomoko Uchida.

I'm sorry I can't speak English well.

When my baptism," The person to whom the Baptism Do not laugh unless you show your teeth."Elder Bloomfild was said.

It is this photo.

I'm not that you have to kind.
It is a missionary half and sons of their own.  Now likely to eat a very hard Pretzel Elderl Bloomfild.
"Do not eat !"
I have mail and, but it was after he ate.

I will cook the chicken and chickpeas and couscous on Saturday. He might have been suffering in my cooking.

Your son who came to Kagoshima from February is the son of a very important American to me.

I was feeling when you are taking lessons, always, your parents is had taught him.

Thank you so much.
I love your family.
It is the thing that someday, l want to meet you

Here is Travis's translation of her email:

haha   So if you didn't catch that she is trying to say, at the baptism I told her it is a rule for baptism pictures that you have to show your teeth when you smile.   Also she once baked cinnamon pretzels, but then sent us an email that she she got a stomach ache so for us to not eat the pretzels, but I thought they were fine so I ate them all anyways. The were delicious!   Then as she was taking the lessons she could tell my parents had taught me well. 

Travis told Unchida san that you have to show your teeth when you smile.  It made all the other missionaries are laugh.

Thought for the week:

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