Monday, September 22, 2014

21 July 2014 - Gomen (Sorry) No Time to Write

So gomen (sorry),  I don't have any time today.   Here is some of my letter to Kaicho (Mission President).   We went to the temple today it was way super awesome.  I loved it.   Here are some pictures to make up for no letter. 
          Also this week I realized I can't ever complain about mowing the lawn again.  This week I cut a less actives grass for 3 hours. The only problem is it would have taken me 5 mins. if I would have had a lawn mower, but instead he gave me a 4 inch sickle or whatever the heck that thing is called.  It was great fun. 

           Love you all!
 This week`s plan of reading the Book of Mormon everyday with her was unfortunately halted when she got sick mid way through the week and wasn't able to come to church and the open house with her family on Sunday.  

The Open House was way last minute, and a lot of things thrown in at the end, but luckily through dendo at the Matsuri festival all week and eki dendo it ended up really good. A fufu, 2 high school students who have a lot of interest, and recent convert Irisa Shimai`s little sister`s family came, and a few others were able to attend our Open House.   A lot of the members thanked the missionaries for the Open House and its success afterwards, so hopefully they understand what it is all about now, and next time the members will be able to involve them selves more, use their own talents within the branch, and not throw it all on the missionaries again.

Irisa Shimai told us she had been praying she could share the gospel with her family, and that someday they would come to her cafe the same time as us and meet. This week while we were talking about the open house and planning things, her family came, and now are attending eikaiwa every week and we have an appointment with them on Friday!

Uchida san is doing really good.  She has progressed so much and has her baptismal mensetsu scheduled for this Friday.   She has changed a lot and we are happy for her.

The work in Kagoshima is growing.   It is exciting to see and be a part of it. 
Ferry Ride to Haze Island


Fukuoka Temple (Not sure what the pose is???)

Thought for the week:

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