Monday, September 8, 2014

3 June 2014 - "Cool Story"

We didn't get to do any emailing yesterday and our p day was cut short because of a bunch of the stuff we had to get done so we are finishing our emailing today real quick.   

Cool story, so we were still short by 6 of our new investigator goal for this month on Saturday, the 31st.   So we were kinda bummed but really really wanted to reach our goal and knew God would lead us to those in need.   I remembered Dad's email a couple weeks ago and I really wanted to try basketball dendo like he did and see how it went.   I talked about it in my email to President but long story short,  through Gods miracles we were able to find 6 new investigators in just an hour and a half, it was way cool and we were able to reach our May goal we had set. 

We met with one of them, a college student on Sunday, he talked about how his dad works on an island (the one I went to last transfer) and only sees him once a year, but loves his family and liked the message of families we shared.   He told us he wants the blessings from baptism and wants to hear all the lessons.  

Also we were teaching Irisa san yesterday, and she told us, after we taught her about fasting at church Sunday, she went home and decided she wanted to fast as well and fasted the rest of the day on Sunday.   We were pretty surprised when she told us that.   She literally just loves the gospel and the peace it brings to her so much.   We are teaching her the Word of Wisdom in a few hours so hopefully all goes well despite her running her cafe and all.

I got a letter from Azumi (Girl that was baptized in Saijo that is now living in Ecuador teaching in a school) this week.   She is alive and well. teaching elementary school age kids.   She said there is no grocery store or Internet or such in the small village she is living in.   She sent me really cool bracelet and her address so life is good

Welp see ya tomorrow. may want to check on Kara, her water may have just broken (Kara is pregnant and the baby is due any time). 

Elder Bloomfield

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