Monday, September 22, 2014

13 July 2014 - Disappointing Typhoon

Yeah so did everyone hear?   Kara's water finally broke... 

But anyways this week was good.   Besides the typhoon that was incredibly disappointing.   You may not know but as missionaries... we know nothing, besides what we hear on the street, ain't got no ipad or weather report, (usually i just judge the weather by how moist my eyebrow is when i wake up in the morning, pretty accurate), and what we heard on the street was pretty exciting. biggest typhoon in Japan's  history.  We had less actives calling us telling us to evacuate immediately (this was when it was still sunny).    Thursday rolled around and all i could think was hmm, i think I've been in worse before... So that was a blessing. The wind was pretty solid, and we had to do a lot of prep for the typhoon, but no 72 hour kits were used and all was well. 

This week Kameda san and the family came to church again. haha   The kids are always a riot.   The most wampaku (wild and crazy) kid, Kaide kun, the 4 year old, reminds me of when Kyle was younger, always a smile but up to no good.  He told one of the sisters during Sacrament Meeting that she prays wrong when she tried to get him to fold his arms and he said,  "no, i pray with my hands folded you are wrong."  haha.   He is pretty rambunctious but church is always a blessing for Kameda san.   She told us she didn't have the temptation to smoke at all while at church and is continuing to progress but in her own slow way.  We have a fun plan we made up to help her through.

Another cool miracle this week, there are some Elders in the Zone teaching a Chinese man and they were wondering how they can help him to better understand and build his testimony.  i had the thought of calling Sho and asking him to joint in one of their lessons through a phone call and talk to the Chinese college student taking the lessons.   He of course said he'd love to, but I actually found out Sho is heading back to Shankhai on the 24th, the same day as the Chinese college student,and they are both leaving out of Shimonoseki in Fukuoka, so they are most likely going to be on the same boat heading back to China.   Pretty crazy right?   God is a genius. it was way good to get to talk to Sho on the phone.   I asked him how life is and he told me it is way good because he quit his job so he's way happy now.   haha   So that's good.   Sho is just going back to visit his family. he actually got a new job here in Japan so he doesn't know where he will live in a year because they get to kind of choose where they will send him in Japan.

This week we were out housing and knocked on a lady`s door who gave us the usual `i'm not Christian so leave,` but we stopped her fast enough before the door slammed, and the funny part was by the end of the contact she was like, "Who are your parents?  I want to meet them, why are you such good people?   Oh yes, yes i will read this entire Book of Mormon, you can come back next week and visit.   i've never met anyone as erai as you." haha   It was another great reminder of how the spirit can touch and change anyone.  You can't judge who is prepared'  Just invite and give them the chance, and God will help them however they need it.   So dozo (go ahead), don't ask questions, just serve.   You will always find yourself where you are supposed to be. 

Life is good. 

Hope all is well. 

Elder Bloomfield 

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