Thursday, September 11, 2014

17 June 2014 - Irisa-san Learns of the Blessings From Keeping the Commandments.

Hey fam.,

So today is transfers,  that's why I'm emailing on Tuesday.   The work is great fun as always.   Irisa is doing well. Because of her faith and trust in God she is blessed with great miracles every week.   She is an amazing woman and a great example for everyone.

2 years ago her husband was in the hospital soon to die, two strangers (the missionaries) taught her about prayer, she put her faith to the test, and she was blessed with a husband who was healed from his sickness.   We taught her about fasting, she decided to put her faith to the test and fasted herself (without us asking her to), as she ended her fast she felt she didn't have the appetite for her usual cup of coffee.   As we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, because she had already been blessed from putting her faith to the test, she knew this commandment was from God and he would bless her if she followed it. Despite working in a cafe all day every day, she gives up coffee, tea, and alcohol, to put her trust in God.   Last week we taught her about tithing, she just started her business and so she still has many fees she is working on paying off, most would think,  "I don't have enough money to pay tithing as well as it's just not possible",   Irisa san told us she knows she will be blessed from God and told us she wants to follow the Law of Tithing after she is baptized.   Before this week she was only coming to an hour of church because she had to get back to work so she can make much needed money, this week we taught her about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, coming to all three hours of church, and not working on Sundays, despite her situation she is in, she told us she wanted to follow what God has for her, for she knows she will be blessed.   On Sunday she closed her shop for the entire day and came to all three hours of church. Yesterday when we visited her for a lesson, she told us her profits for that day were 4x as much as any other Monday she had ever had before, and knew it was because she followed the Sabbath Day.   Her daughter just moved to New York and so because she doesn't yet have a phone she had no way of contacting her. she was worried about her and so she decided to say a prayer.   After she ended her prayer she saw on her computer she received an email from her daughter and she was able to Skye with her for a bit.   She is excited to be baptized this week and told us she knows baptism will bring even more blessings into her life.   Irisa san is a simple example of how commandments do not complicate our life, do not bring more rules into our life, but make everything much more simple.   When we follow the standards we have set for ourselves and not see them as a burden, we find our self with much more success and happiness in life.

This week we were also able to play soccer with the Kameda family!!   It was way fun, the kids were pretty funny. All 6 kids and mom came to church Sunday.  They were pretty rowdy again, I almost got through all 4 quarters successfully but my 4th quarter plan was to give the little ones suckers to keep them quiet, but then a member told us that is dame (not good) and they couldn't have suckers... so instead they were rowdy the last 15 minutes. How unfortunate that was. But they still loved church and told us it was way fun again.   The father unfortunately wasn't able to make it.   He gave us an excuse I didn't expect to receive here in Japan on my mission. he gave us the World Cup excuse and said there is not time for church cause he has to watch the game.... shimata,  he`s good.

But, life here is good and fun.   Rainy season is a good ol time that's for sure.   Hows the World Cup (the World Cup is being played in Brazil) aye!?!?   Japan slipped up a bit, but USA is holdin strong, hoya.

Well Stevo, Happy Fathers Day anyways!   I bet it was a stellar one with some solid chicken.   You ll be glad to know that you are known as Tom Cruise (all the years our family lived in Japan, the Japanese people, especially the women, said that they thought Steve looks just like Tom Cruise)in my Eikaiwa  (English) class, the legend lives on ;)

Oh also,  I didn't tell you about transfers.   I'm staying in Kagoshima for another one.   Perhaps I will only serve in 3 areas in my entire mission at this rate, but I don't really mind it as long as I see success and do the Lords will. I am still with Elder Sasaki so that should be a fun time.   He still doesn't really understand sarcasm so its pretty hilarious, but he is getting better.

Elder Bloomfield
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