Monday, September 29, 2014

17 August 2014 - "Put Off The Natural Man"

Hey fam, 

Well how's it going anyways?   This week was good. We have been pretty blown away at all of the way cool miracles throughout the Zone last week as a result from the 40 day fast program we are doing.  When we decide to put off the natural man and actually follow God`s will, his work and guidance becomes so much easier. Surprise, Surprise aye? 

One cool miracle we had this week was at our lesson on Monday, we were teaching a lady named Machi san about the Plan of Salvation.   We had called our joint the night before and asked her if she could join in the lesson and she said sure thing!   She told us she decided to pray to God and ask where in the Book of Mormon she should read to help prepare for the lesson.   When we were preparing for the lesson, we decided we wanted to read parts from Alma 40 and Alma 34 with Machi san, so that's what we did.   At the end of the lesson, Machi san was talking about how she doesn't feel close to God because she has been Shinto since she was a child.   Our joint bore testimony about when we trust in God and in prayer, he will always comfort us, and told how she prayed the night before where to read in the Book of Mormon, and felt she should read in Alma 40 and 34, the same scriptures we decided to read in the lesson. 

This week I have actually been studying more about the Holy Ghost and sanctifying our self so we can be closer to God and receive his guidance. #1  I learned that we actually can't sanctify our self.   We can make ourselves worthy and try to live right, but it is God that forgives us and sanctifies us. # 2 When you are living right to always have the Holy Ghost as your companion, you don't have to pray and seek guidance for every thing, because you will have the spirit as your companion already and you will go about making decisions and know it is right.   When we were preparing for the lesson we were just like yep that scripture sounds good! okay yoshiii lets do it.  It was just a simple decision but then we were pretty surprised about our joint`s experience.   Thank goodness we had the spirit right!   We might have chosen like Alma 41 or somethin crazy like that! 

Another cool miracle, Elder Sasaki and I had prayed and set a goal for ourselves to find specifically a college age woman, and college age man to take the lessons by the 13th.  Because of stuff for the Zone we haven't had a lot of finding time till this week so we were kinda nervous.  On the 12th, we housed into a 20 year old girl, who told us she wants to be baptized.   When we invited her, and accepted to meet again, then on the 13th, our last contact of the night, we found an Egyptian man who agreed to meet again after we told him about the Book of Mormon.   Then a couple of days ago, a 20 year old girl named Arisa moved into Irisa`s apartment, she is just super prepared, already loves the gospel, she loves Christianity so much she has thought about changing her name to Mary before (haha that part was kinda weird), but we taught about the priesthood and she committed to a baptism date as well.   Just miracles on miracles this week it was kinda crazy.   Safe to say this 40 Day Fast has been a great help so far!   Screw the natural man right! 

Love to all,

Elder Bloomfield

Cool picture with Golem`s older sister.

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