Monday, June 2, 2014

2 June 2014 - Busy Week, Not Much Time to Email

Gomen  (sorry) no time, but here is my letter to president. 

Dear President, 

The work continues to move along.  As far as our area goes, much progress was able to be made this week. After Kameda san came to church she completely changed.   She is a different investigator, two weeks ago she would hardly open up to us at all when we met with her this week she told us when she first met us she felt something special about us, as she watched a video about the Book of Mormon on youtube she felt it was all true and that is why she wanted to come to church.  She told us she feels baptism is a bridge from the darkness she feels to light, and when I asked her if she truly believes from the bottom of her heart she can be made pure through baptism, she surprised us with a firm and undoubted `hai, shinjitteimasu (yes, very much).`   Her daughter seems to be just as touched by the gospel and has begun saying prayers for her and as a family every night.   It is amazing how the gospel changes people right before your eyes.   She is progressing toward her baptismal date well. 

Our other investigator Irisa san`s faith grew a lot this week.  She told her co-worker how she felt at church last week, and invited her to come with her next time, and yesterday her co-worker came with her to both a baptism and church.   She loves the gospel and loves the message Christ teaches, and has began to receive her own answers to prayers this week as well.   She told us ever since she started taking the lessons from the missionaries her cafe has been blessed and more and more people have been coming to her cafe and she believes `it is because of the spirit we leave in the shop when we teach our lessons.` 

I had heard from my father and other members about the success they found in basketball dendo, and decided I wanted to try it.   It worked out really well.   We played basketball with some high school students for about 30 minutes, then taught them about our purpose and miracles we have seen, they all asked for Book of Mormon and to meet again next week to talk about prayer. 

The zone is genki (happy) and working well. 

Elder Bloomfield
Thought for the week:

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