Monday, June 2, 2014

18 May 2014 - Ways to Stop Some One From Snorring

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Well this week was a good time.   Irisa san is progressing a lot and is pretty golden.   We made a calendar for her in order to help her see what all needs to be done and what will be taught before she is baptized.   We made it to help her see the vision of her baptism better.   We had her put nice lil Jesus stickers on the days we would meet and the days she would come to church.   She said she felt like a little child again with the stickers so it was a good time.   She was able to come to church and really loved it. 

This week we had shibo taikai.  I don't know what you call that in English, maybe like branch council or something.   The thing you have like once or twice a year.   But it was way cool because the Johnston couple had family in town Sunday, so we were able to invite a bunch of people to come to church and some brought friends as well so in addition to our investigators at church there were a total of about 10 nonmembers at church on Sunday.  It was way cool.   The special musical number was way beautiful too, a sister played the violin while another shimai (sisters) played the organ and then one of the kyodai (brother) sang.   It was perfect because Irisa actually sings opera so she was lovin it and even was crying during one of the talks because she said she was just so happy and could feel the spirit so strong.   So church was way cool.   

We also had ZTM this week.   Kaicho wants to start doing open houses quarterly in each of the areas so we did a open house at the ZTM to kind of show all the missionaries what we want to happen at the open house.   There were songs sung, testimonies given, the "Because of him"  video was watched, and more beautiful musical pieces given.  I was pretty dang satisfied for what we were able to pull off in the time we had to prepare between MLC in Fukuoka on Thursday and ZTM  Friday back in Kagoshima at noon.   A lot of missionaries said it was the best ZTM they had been to so far and they were excited to apply the stuff we did training on.   So hey if the open houses don't work in all of the areas at least they sure did bring the spirit to zone training meeting.   Thanks! 

Well more cool miracles happened this week but I can't really remember them right now.   I walked in a store to use the restroom and a like 5 year old kid just looked at me and was like kamsamnida!   So I spoke some Korean to him and went on my way laughing.   Then after I came out of the restroom,  He saw me and proceeded again to attempt to talk to the foreigner, only in Korean again.   It was pretty funny, his mom noticed us battling out Korean words we know and she was like hey are you crazy he's not Korean!   Then he looked at me and was like oh really?   Are you from India?   So I told him,   haha  "no sorry little guy I'm American".   So then he says, `ohhhh! herro!   I'm fine thank you and you!`... kids these days.. so pure. 

Hmm well I can't really think of much more but the work is awesome!   Oh also one of the elders in the apartment was snoring wayyy loud last night, so because I couldn't sleep,  I finally got the courage and decided I had to do something.   So I figured a little nudge to his head from my foot would do the trick.  -nope.. slept right through it. i  I was laughing pretty hard, I think I kicked his head at least 9 or 10 times and he never woke up.   haha   Eventually I had to kick his pillow out from under him so his head would fall..   That worked pretty well. 

Well I hope all is well.   Life is good.   The volcano isn't so bad when it just rains all day, so that's good.
Elder Bloomfield

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