Monday, June 2, 2014

26 May 2014 - Piano Concert

Hey hey hey.
So this week was good.   They all are.   We were able to set up a baptismal date with an  investigator named Kameda san.   She has 6 kids and they are all under like 9 years old.   She is way otsukaresama (very active).   But it is a young family and they came to church!   It was quite the adventure and way fun. She only came with 4 of the kids, because the oldest 2 had soccer practice, so the kids who came were, 5, 4, 3, and 2 years old.   Sacrament meeting was a riot. Haven't babysat so hardcore in quite a while.   I think I took a bathroom break at least 4 times, I also gave up plenty of pages in my daily planner to be drawn on with crayon, went and found some neat cars for them to play with, which turned into the two year old throwing them, and the mom got way embarrassed they were so loud but the branch members were amazing in thanking her and saying how happy they are to have them there that it reminds them of when they had young kids and such so it was good. haha   Oh and primary was great to.   So sometimes when we visit them for the lessons the two year old is just chillin in the house naked, so I think its a usual thing for him.but in the middle of primary he proceeded to tell us he peed in his diaper so he was done with it, took it off and just started walking around without no pants on.   So that was fun to see the sister in primary chase him to put his diaper back on. but it was way cool to have them at church. The 5 year old actually said the closing prayer in primary and apparently today they were telling their mom about God and the things in the plan of salvation that they learned in primary. 

Irisa san is progressing well. she loves church a lot and told us this week she has had many opportunities in her life to be baptized, but never did, and just feels like this is her time now.   We are working on helping her to know how to really receive answers from God and to know if this is really true.   

We went to a member`s violin and piano concert with her and a less active and it was way cool.   It was on the 10th floor of this building in the middle of Kagoshima with all glass walls.   You could just see Kagoshima all around you. and after everyone left the member let us play on the piano a little bit.  It was way cool.   I felt like the Piano Guys or something just playing the piano on a cliff in Africa or whatever cool place they play the piano these days. 

Oh also another cool thing this week is, well first off, missionaries and kind of Christianity in general, has kind of a bad image in southern Japan and here in Kagoshima. There have been people who have claimed to be missionaries in the past,   They come in and teach people and collect money, and then just leave with peoples money and so because of that a lot of people really hate missionaries and hate us when they see us and so a lot of people don't really have a good image or don't know what to think about Christianity, but Irisa san really loved church and was talking to her friend this week who said she had always wondered about Christian churches like why there is talk about them and such, and when she found out it's just a normal church and what we actually do at church from Irisa san, she got way excited and wants to come and is going to come to church with Irisa san this week.   So that was cool as well. 

Well can't really think of anything else.  Oh yeah,  last week I found a churo (the Mexican things) and McDonald's.   I was way excited and was eating it as I walked,   The first bite was just oh so delicious, and as I was walking this huge black hawk thing almost nails me in the face as it flies past me and next thing I know my churo is gone and the hawk is real satisfied. he just snatched it right out of my hand.  haha   It was pretty scary and a bummer but I got a good laugh from it. 

Well see you tomorrow!
Elder Bloomfield

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