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8 September 2014 - Following the "Recipe"

Hello family,

Well yes, you may be surprised to hear but I am not transferring, Kaicho said he likes how Kagoshima is right now and doesn't want to change it.   So me and Sasaki Choro are just like two peas in a pod now :) yatta!    Members in the branch tell me I've just become part of the branch now.

This week was good though.   I can't really remember what happened though to be honest.   Just a good time.   I was told by an old man to never marry a Japanese woman who can speak English, they are all trouble.   So there's some precious words of advice for life.   
This week we did a fast with Arisa chan, she was really worried about giving up coffee because she loves it, but after the fast she told us she knows she needs to be baptized, and has committed to give up all of coffee.  It was a way cool miracle but she is still really worried about if she returns to her hometown Okinawa Erabu, because the church isn't there and she doesn't know what she will do.   So if you could pray for her that she can not feel so stressed and peace in her decision to be baptized I know it would help her tons.
Hmm what else happened this week???   In our mission on Sunday we had a challenge from our Kaicho  (president) to work with the members and as a mission have 200 nonmembers at Sacrament Meeting  on Sunday.  The average for our mission each week is usually around 80ish, I think. But this last month we did the relay fast, like you guys are doing, and we saw such cool  miracles!   As a mission I think 209 non members came to Sacrament Meeting.  Kaicho told us the missionaries need to be the first up to bear their testimonies on Sunday to set the spirit of the meeting.  In my testimony I talked about the beautiful clouds in Kagoshima (they are ridiculous) and how God made this earth and plan for us and compared our life to a recipe, how Sasaki Choro always uses a recipe when he cooks, and it just tastes so delicious! But, when I cook, I can't read all that Kanji, it takes too long, so I just smell spices and throw them in as my chef senses guide me. But because Sasaki uses a recipe, it always ends up tasting better than my food. God has given us a recipe for our life, yeah we can still have fun and just go with the flow of what we think is best, but like my cooking and Sasaki`s cooking, as we are obedient to the recipe God has given us, we find our life to be much more delicious and rewarding in the end.  Then throughout the rest of the testimony meeting and all of church, many people kept talking about the recipe analogy.   ha ha   I learned that when you use examples, people understand much, much better.
Well I can't really remember what else happened this week, but life is good.   The ash is normal. People are crazy.   The Kameda family is rough lately, yesterday I had to clean ash out from my shirt pocket and down my pants when I got home from teaching them. 

Also, I got to kick a soccer ball yesterday for the first time in a while.   So that was neat. 
Much love to you all. 

Elder Bloomfield
Jumping for Joy

Such form!!!!!

Waiting for the bus.
Thought for the week:

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