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24 October 2014 - My First Transfers as AP Went Well!!!

Hello familia,

Well this week was good.   It was pretty busy,  lots of late nights and mornings waking up at 5:00am, but that is transfer week.  Not really many miracles to report other than everyone was able to transfer safely to their new areas!   Apparently this weeks transfer was one of the most smooth and problem free transfers we've had in awhile so I guess I was pretty lucky to come in this transfer. 

Ha ha, one of the new beans was way funny.   He was from Brazil and has a lot of fire.   He was talking to us and asking us what is normal in Japan and then he was like "yeah I will baptize 10 people!.." and we were thinking "hmm, yeah that's pretty decent.." then he yells "every week!!"  ha ha    His conversations were always a joy. 

Also because this week was transfer week, we didn't have anytime to go out and work.   But on Wednesday we had dropped off the beans and we were on our way to eikaiwa (English class) and well to be honest we didn't really have anytime but we walked past an apartment and were like, "hey, just one door! lets go knock on it!"  so we knocked on it, and some old man smoking a cigarette in his underwear came out to yell at us and then slammed the door.  So that wasn't successful, so obviously we couldn't end on that note so we saw a man on the street and ended up walking with him for about 100 meters but that wasn't successful.   So we were kinda out of time and needed to leave for eikaiwa but the place where we stopped there was one other guy, so we stopped him.  Because we had no time we just told him "we share messages and teach English, wanna meet again?" and he told us  "of course!"   He then sent us an email later asking us to share a message with him.  ha ha   He's so prepared.   Just another strengthen to my testimony that if you're doing your best God sees your work and even if you only have a total of 5 minutes to dendo that week, God will provide!
I will have to get a Japanese Driver's License now that I am an AP.   I will probably do that next week.

Ozono san past her baptismal mensetsu (interview) yesterday so she will prolly be getting baptized this Sunday.   Please pray she can be comforted!   Her daughter doesn't like religion and is still hantai to her being baptized. 

Well can't really think of much else.   I got to go through a session in the temple yesterday with all of the missionaries going home.   It was way awesome.   It was one of the new videos I have never seen before, and I was able to find my more guidance and direction to what I am supposed to be doing as AP, and what I need to do to fulfill my calling to the fullest.   I was really thankful for that opportunity. 

Happy Birthday to Olivia and Tessa this week!   Have some delicious candy for me. 
Oh I also caught a cold this week, but found if you turn the shower on as hot as possible and let it steam for 5 minutes then get in, it really helps out the sinuses ;)   
Elder Bloomfield
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