Monday, March 16, 2015

16 January 2015 - Stinky Feet

Hello family,

This week was good.   We just had transfers and all the fun that comes with it.  The group that came in this transfer was 11 Elders, and boy did their feet smell bad.   I have never been in the mission home with such a bad smell before, it was a little bit impressive.   But they are fired up from the MTC and ready to go, it is always fun to see the new missionaries faith and the excitement they have to just be out and work.   They never grow up ne. 
Well other than that we have just been ganbaruing to finish all the trainings for interviews and then also Kaicho's meeting he has with all the District and Stake Presidents.  Never a dull moment here. 
Anyways I hope everyone is doing well and genki.  I have to run to set up Kaicho's presentation for the meeting with the Stake Presidents, so today is a bit short but life is good. Pray for me that I don't get sick again!   Starting from Monday we will pretty much just be traveling almost every day to each of the zones to do interview trainings for a couple of weeks, then after that we will prepare for the General Authority (from the Area Presidency, not  an Apostle) tour and do that, so if I get sick again I will feel real guilty and kinda baka.  I probably got the most sick I've been on my mission so far, but I've been blessed and been pretty healthy.   I haven't had really any sick days till last week.   It started out in my throat.   My voice was changed and it hurt to breath, after that it turned to a headache and shivers, which then turned into sweating and being super hot, and all the while my throat still hurt and my voice was different.   It sure made talking on the phone fun though.   No one could tell who I was!
Thanks for all you guys do, you are a great example to me!

Elder Bloomfield

Here is a picture of the last Shimai's from our doki (group of missionaries that came in at the same time) that went home this week.

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