Monday, March 2, 2015

31 October 2014 - Failed the Japanese Driving Test Twice.

Hello Family,

Well I think you heard some information wrong, I don't believe Hilari is already coming home. How can that be??????
This week was good though, I am still in the office.  Starting from next week, we will have Zone Conferences though so this week Kaicho (Mission President) gave us office elders a challenge.    He was like hey, I need you all to find a new investigator before Friday.  I want the whole mission to see that my office elders who are in the office at least 8 hours a day have the Faith to find new investigators, then they can all find those who are prepared as well.   Luckily this week we had to go to the DMV to get my driver's license, where you  sit and wait for 4 hours with nothing to do except talk to the other bored people!   So we ended up coming away with I think around 12 phone numbers of people (from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, America, Japan, and Vietnam) who said they wouldn't mind meeting again.   We set up an appointment with this man from Sri Lanka.     He was a way cute man.   I was looking at the drivers course and then he just popped out of no where and was like "hey shall we walk the course together?"   We ended up talking to him about his family and how much he misses them so we will be able to talk to him about the gospel next week we are excited. 
Also the instructors failed me twice on my drivers test, quite a bummer.   Apparently if you don't take their drivers ed class you don't get passed for a few times so they still get some money, so hopefully I will pass next time, I was pretty upset though as I was pretty confident I had done all of their silly little rules including getting on your hands and knees to check under the front and back of the car for any animals or bombs before you can enter the car.    I nailed it!

Well I can't really think of anything else besides that we are just preparing trainings for Zone Conference and the MLC we had this week and then a mission prep for YM/YW thing next weekend. In MLC, we did a analogy where you put a fire inside a bottle and then it sucks a boiled egg into it without breaking it.   It represented how without the fire or the spirit and just teaching simply, the doctrine will never be able to enter their hearts.   It went well all except for almost melting the entire bottle from too big of a flame when we were trying to figure out how to do it the night before. 

Well I hope all is well.   Love you all so much.   Remember failures are never a negative but a gift in your life, an opportunity to grow and progress, rather than stay weak forever.   We have trials of faith, prayers waiting to be answered, questions in life, but in the same way Michael Jordan was cut from his team, The Beatles were told they would never become famous, Steve Jobs was cut from a newspaper gig for not being creative enough... it all depends on whether you take your failures for advise to grow or a reason to quit.   The choice is yours.
Love you all. 

Elder Bloomfield

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