Tuesday, March 3, 2015

19 December 2014 - Christmas Brings Miracles

Well this week was great!   We got to go on some splits with other elders and it was super good.   One of the areas we went to was supperrr windy the entire day, and then it started to snow as soon as we left and got pretty strong during our train ride home.
Here are some cool miracles we saw on splits:
Well mainly we just go on splits to help younger or perhaps struggling missionaries find new investigators or a vision for their area.   So it was way cool as we did our best to find by the spirit, we were always blessed with cool miracles.   I'm not really sure why but some missionaries just don't use the spirit as much when they go finding, like they don't pray at decision points, or use the spirit in planning the day before.  It doesn't really make much sense to me, because it is so much easier when you dendo with the spirit, but we are always happy to help them out.   One of the areas that we went to, during planning we prayed to find young prepared people and felt we should go to some danchi apartments (I don't know what that is English but just an apartment complex with a bunch of apartments) after dinner.   So we got there but because there were so many buildings we prayed to know which ones to dendo, and it was way cool, each time we prayed and then decided on an apartment building, in each building we were able to find at least one or two young people who were willing to listen to our message.   It was cool to see God answer our prayers so quickly in guiding us  and helping build our testimonies at the same time.   Again, Prayers work!!!!!
Also a couple of days ago we did another event thing at the mission home for all the Fukuoka Zone missionaries' investigators.  We had dinner and shared a message and sang the same songs we sang at the Tenjin eki last Saturday. Which that was also way cool!   It was just near a train station and people would just stop and came to listen to us sing and missionaries bear testimony about Christmas and Christ for like 30 or 40 mins..  There was one lady we contacted and asked her if she wanted to come listen to our Tenjin performance thing and she did and you could tell she was feeling the spirit way strong, then after the Tenjin thing we found out she was actually a former investigator that was working towards baptism but then moved from the area she was in and so the missionaries lost contact with her, and she told us she wanted to take the lessons again! 
Christmas brings miracles.   It is just a fun time!  Hope everyone is well and genki. 
Merry Christmas to all!

Elder Bloomfield

Thought for the week:

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