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31 January 2015 - God Will Always Use Us As His Tool

Well hello family,

I just got home from church on this beautiful Fast Sunday.   We didn't have p day yesterday so I'm just sending a quick email out now so mom doesn't worry herself. 
Last week we went to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, then the Okinawa Zones for trainings. 
Last time we went to Okinawa we came in at night time, then had trainings in the morning until night time, so I had never really seen it in the light, but it is so different from mainland Japan!   We were able to go on splits with all 4 of the Zone Leaders there since we were there from Wednesday to Saturday.   In one of the areas (not where the American Military bases are) when we went housing, it wasn't in the city but a little poorer area, but all the building there are just made out of concrete and there are palm trees and such, I looked around and literally felt like I was dendoing in Mexico or something.   It was pretty sweet.   It was way different from mainland though.   There were lots of cool people and lots of cool miracles.  
We have been doing trainings on working with the spirit, and we didn't have a ton of time but we knew that in all honesty missionaries will prolly remember our training for maybe about 3 weeks, then forget (we're all human), so we needed the Zone Leaders to be able to work with them on splits and help them apply it, so in order for the Zone Leaders to help them we would have to experience cool miracles in our splits.   But even though we didn't have a ton of time we prayed God would guide us as we applied Kaicho's direction of working with the spirit, so the Zone Leaders could help their zones, and we were able to see so many cool miracles!   Planning on being in a specific area at a specific time, and praying to find this specific person and then lo and behold this person starts walking towards you as you're out dendoing and they are the exact person you prayed about.   The biggest thing I've learned is when we just pray for guidance, as long as we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, always praying to be in his will, God will ALWAYS use us as his tool because of that trust.   He knows we will be there, and will do as he has commanded and when he knows he can trust us, we are always led to his elect and we don't even realize it until it happens.   This church is true. 
Another thing I noticed is there are many more hoodlums down in Okinawa.   All the kids have like bleached hair or mullets and such, surfer bums.   We had a lesson with this one surfer bum named Tatsunori.   It was way cool to see him change in just like 30 mins. from the beginning of the lesson to the end.   At the beginning we tried asking him about his life desires,  what he wants to do and such or what he believes and he just had no clue.  He didn't really care about God, no interest to believe in God, and didn't really care about much too be honest.   Our lesson was after 2pm and when we knocked on the door it took him like 5 mins to come to the door, and when he finally did he was just like ohh ohayogozaimasu and was still half asleep. haha we were like hmm it is no longer morning my friend, in fact I'm getting hungry for dinner.  It was way cool to see the spirit work in his heart.   After talking about his relationship with God and testifying about baptism and showing him an analogy he was completely different, had more excitement, was sharing more things with us, and when we committed him to a baptismal date he was just like "ohh yes yes yes I'll be baptized!"   He was a way funny guy.   Mason and Kyle would have loved his hair.   The sides were shaved and then the top went into a ponytail that was just like an afro at the end because his hair was way curly. Chinpira da.
We took a plane home last night and that leads us till now. 
Well I hope everyone is genki and doing well.
Have a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Bloomfield
My surfer friend

On the plane headed back to Fukuoka

Thought for the week:

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