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7 November 2014 - The Magic Tricks


Here are some pictures for you.

The captions and messages under the photos were from Ito Shimai.  She sent them to Travis, so I thought I would include them in the blog.

mada arimasu....

I have so many photos:)
I don't know what you want any photos...So I send you all photos!!

This is Sister Ito:)I'm sorry to send a lot of mail.Thank you for always worked hard in Fukuoka Mission!!!!You are the best!!!!!And Fukuoka Mission is the best!!

Elder Bloomfield!!!You are the great example for me:)Your smile is the best dayo!!!!Please enjoy DENDO every day!!
I love you so much!!!!!!Thank you for everything:)

Hiroshima Zone ha tanosikattane!!!!!minna daisuki da!!!!!

Love, Sister E2:)

So anyways those were a bunch of pictures sent from Ito Shimai.   One of the members in my first area got sealed in the temple and so we got to attend and Ito Shimai and Watanabe Shimai that worked in Saijo the same time came also.  Ito Shimai's mom used to always send us rice and nashis and just whole bunches of food.    So nice family.

Anyway this week was basically just Zone Conferences.   On Sunday we were doing some pretty last minute prep and we finished the training but felt like we were still missing something in our training. A way to make sure everyone remembers our training or something.   Then as I prayed Sunday night it came to me!   I realized we can use our magic tricks!   So one of the magic tricks I have is 6 cards with a bunch of numbers 1-60 on them.   Someone chooses a number, shows it to the audience, then through my magic powers and using the magic cards I can guess what number from 1 to 60 they chose!   The analogy is I ask them to try and figure the trick out but they usually give up pretty quick because they can't figure it out.   The training we are doing is on using a baptismal calendar to break down step by step the process and establishing all expectations for our investigator. The analogy is  when we are talking about magical things like sins being washed away and feeling peace in your heart, and when they don't figure it out all at once, they dont just give up and drop off the face of the earth like many investigators do.   There has already been way cool miracles in the zones so far and a bunch of missionaries were able to set more baptismal dates this week it was amazing.
So yeah I've been doing magic tricks all week but I've quickly realized I am not quite as talented as Kyle was at the age of 8 when he did the "Family Magic Show."  I am good at the build up but I've already messed up twice and we've only been to 4 Zone Conferences.  Ha ha   I'm still able to pull it off in the end and share the analogy so its been good.  This week we had Zone Conferences in Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto.   The drive to Nagasaki was way pretty.
On our day off, I was able to pass my drivers test and get my license!  I thought for sure I failed again because he was just telling me all the ways I need to improve, so I said a prayer and then he told me  and my partner that we passed!   Oh yea!   I passed it with this man from Bangladesh that had a HUGE beard.   He was so nice. 
Well I hope all is well!   Kaicho has asked us to accompany him to the District Conference in Yamaguchi today and tomorrow, so it seems we're off with no p day again this week.   Gomen ne!
Hope the weather is nice
Just remember the bright side mom, at least you have a water tank!!

Elder Bloomfield
Cards used in the Magic Trick

Thought for the Week:

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