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14 November 2014 - Wow, Same Magic Trick 30 Years Later!!!!!!


Well this week was good.   We thought the mission prep thing last week was just a small stake YM/YW activity but little did we know it was for all of Kyushu and a 70 was also there to speak. Ha ha   But it was cool.   I did my Magic Trick for them as well and related it to how we must prepare with the spirit to find those prepared but anyways after we did our training, The Tashiro Choro from one of the 70s came up to me and was like "hey let me see your cards!"   Then he did the same magic trick.   He showed me he had the same cards in his wallet that he has kept there for over 30 years.  He was like, "I never knew why I always kept these in here, but now I know why, God knew I would meet you someday!"   He was a funny man. 
This week we went on some splits with some of the Zone Leaders while Kaicho was in Osaka for a mission president seminar.   I got to work with Elder Walton again!   He is a Zone Leader in Nagasaki right now.   It was way fun, we got to teach a fufu (investigator) they have right now and we asked them how they were feeling about baptism - like if they had any worries or anything, and the boyfriend just paused for a bit and was like "I just feel so happy, you are both so wonderful, you bring me so much happiness, I just want to thank you guys so much.   I'm just really thankful.   Thank you guys so much..." and went on to just thank us over and over.   It made me realize again really how lucky we are and how much we sometimes take this gospel for granted.  We sometimes don't think about what life would feel like if we didn't have the feelings and happiness of the gospel everyday, perhaps sometimes we should.  We all need an Attitude of Gratitude right!
We also went on splits with both Hiroshima Zones and I got to eat okonomiyaki again!!   It was indeed heaven. 
In our mission right now we have all made a special goal to show our thanks and appreciation to our Savior Jesus Christ by every companionship in the mission dedicating our efforts and bring one of our brethren or sisters to baptism for him during the Christmas Season.   We are working with everyone to try and help them so we can all achieve this goal!   We are way excited. 
My driving is coming along good!   It didn't seem weird to me to drive on the left side, but I think that's just because I probably forgot how to drive normally in America since its been a lil bit. 
To answer your question Mom, no I do not eat nato (Japanese bean paste that ferments in a can).   Did Dad like it?   I do eat kimpchi often though.   It makes for real fast meals, just buy kimpche at the store, cook some meat, then throw it on rice.   I have also gone for sushi rolls many times, it's all good to me now!   I'm not sure what my favorite meal is though.   I will have to get back to you on that one.
Well I can't really think of what else went on, last weekend we went with Kaicho to the Yamaguchi District Conference, and on the drive home we had a way good talk just about fulfilling callings in the church and a just how the Lord works and stuff.   It was really cool to be able to talk and learn from his experiences.  The only problem was we got a little bit too into the conversation and he missed the exit we needed to take so we went the wrong direction for a good bit.   Ha ha woops! 
Well I hope everyone is genki.   As Mom always says, "remember who you are and whose you are!"
Love you all!
Elder Bloomfield
Just taking care of business while in the car.

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