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28 November 2014 - "It Is All About Where Your Heart Is"

Hey fam.,

I have some cool miracles to share but first off guess who Kaicho called to be his next Assistant to replace Elder Chung who is going home.   My good pal, Elder Sasaki!   Sooo it looks like we will be going on transfer 6 together now.  Ha ha.   The fun never ends.   This week we have mainly just been doing transfers and all the prep for it and stuff, but some cool miracles. 
1.  In the mission lately we have really been focusing on everyone using the spirit more in their finding and so we started doing this thing called getting referrals from God and sort of just setting appointments with God.   About a week before I ttransferred from Kagoshima, Elder Sasaki and I were doing our daily planning, we had decided we needed to find a Priesthood holder for the Branch, so we prayed that God would guide us specifically to that person who is prepared.   Then study the map and usually one of us will feel good about a street corner and maybe the other about a street or area or something but we felt good about this small area at the border of our area, so we prayed to God, asked what time we should go, decided thats what we'll do and set our aappointment with God! The next day we went to the area, said a prayer and felt good about a couple of apartments.   The first apartment no one really answered the door, then when we went to the next apartment, the first door we knocked on the first thing the man told us was "ya! shukyo kyomi nai kara." "I don't have any interest in religion..."   But we kept talking to him and were able to give him a Book of Mormon and by the end of the contact he was like "ya know I do have a little interest in religion..   Ya you guys can come back anytime I have time!" Ha ha   We were like what??   That's completely contradictory to what you said when we first met you.   When we went back for the appointment he told us he didn't know why but as he read the Book of Mormon he just started to cry because he felt so good.   We were like well jeez! but just after that I was transferred up here to Fukuoka, but I found out he has progressed like crazy, gave up smoking and alcohol on the spot, passed his interview and he is getting baptized this Sunday!  Mecha hayai ne! 
2.  We went to Brazilian Grill at the beginning of the transfer when Elder Coelho was still here, and we met the chef there who was Brazilian and couldn't speak any English or much Japanese so luckily Elder Coelho was able to talk to him and exchanged contact info..  We eventually were able to pass him off to another Brazilian Elder in the Zone and found out he was super prepared!   He just seemed like a normal slightly chubby Brazilian chef man, but we found out apparently he has never had interest in religion, never wanted to be a part of it, but about two months ago his dad died and he said he has been praying to know what happened like where his dad went and stuff, and then he said when he met and talked with Elder Coelho at the restaurant he just felt the spirit, knew there was something different about us and that's why he just gave his contact info up so easily.    He is so prepared its crazy!   In the very first lesson he was telling Elder Cascardi the Brazilian Elder, "I don't care if your church is in all Japanese, I know if it is Christ's Church I will feel the spirit and that is all I need."  He was telling him how he knows he must get baptized, and he called his wife in Brazil as well and now his wife and kids in Brazil are taking the lessons and went to church last week!   He also requested to his boss that he will be transferred up to Tokyo and move up there all so he can work at the restaurant up there and attend the Portuguese speaking branch in Tokyo.  I don't understand how but God is so smart!   Like, what if we didn't go to Brazilian Grill that day?   Or what if we didn't have a Brazilian Elder with us?   This church is true, if you allow yourself to be led by the spirit truly amazing things happen.  There have been so many crazy miracles throughout the mission lately, there is no denying this work is led by Christ at this time.  Make yourself available through the spirit, God will guide those seeking the truth to you.   It's all about where your heart is.
Oh and also, yes I did get to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.   Gustafson shimai made us and the Fukuoka missionaries a Thanksgiving lunch.   We had to leave about 20 mins into it to go pick up a Senior Couple and other such errands, so we were cut pretty short but we did get to eat some turkey so our Thanksgiving was satisfied.   To answer another question: There are 4 office elders -two APs, a recorder, and an MSM (financial guy). 
Love you all!

Elder Bloomfield
Thanksgiving Lunch

P-Day Activity

Travis is just reading up on the information in the white missionary handbook.

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