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12 December 2014 - "Prayers Work"

Hey all,

So last Sunday we had a mission goal to help 250 people come to church, and we were not able to reach our goal of 250, there were about 200 people who came but it was so crazy all of the miracles that happened because of every ones efforts and prayers working up to the goal!  Too be honest, last week leading up to the goal, because we had transfers we were worried that perhaps because of all the switch ups and changes and stuff it may effect the goal, so Friday everyone in the mission said a special prayer and showed their faith then Sunday all around the mission there were just random people that decided to come to church again, or for the first time (coincidence that they all happened to come last Sunday??) and a lot of Branches and Wards had a lot of less actives as well that just decided to come back to church last Sunday.     Prayers work!!

Also on Monday, Brother Heaton from the MTC came to pick up his daughter who's mission was ending and spoke to us.  It was way good.   He spoke all about our motives as missionaries and just the relationships in missionary work, like with us and God, and the investigator and God, and then the investigator and us'  He broke down each relationship and which feelings should be felt and stuff like that.  It was way good and way powerful.   I love the gospel. 
Thanks for the 12 Days of Christmas package, mom!   In our mission as well we are doing the 12 Days of Christmas.  Each companionship has an investigator they do some sort of service or special thought for every day then on the 24th they can watch the 'Joy to the World' dvd we gave to all of them with their investigator.   Last year we did it with Sho and I just remember it was way fun and it was during the 12 Days of Christmas last year that he decided to be baptized.  I miss him so much. But we are excited for the many miracles the service of 12 Days of Christmas will bring again this year. 
We have time next week so we are going to get to go on splits and try to help out as many areas as we can.  I know I've been called to serve as assistant now, this is where I am supposed to be and I've learned a lot being here, so I'll never complain about it, but I am super super excited to go out and work again next week. :) 
Well the Christmas Season is beautiful.  I am grateful to get to spread the true meaning of Christmas to those in Japan who really have no clue.   Tonight there are about 30 missionaries who will perform Christmas songs and hymns at one of the large like train station/shopping areas and hand out  "He is the Gift" pass along cards.  I hope you are all sharing the gift! 

Love ya,
Elder Bloomfield
P.S.   Because we are going on splits and trying to help out as many areas as we can next week, most likely again we will not have a p day, so I may not email next week but don't freak out.   I will see you on Christmas.    Love ya!

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