Friday, June 28, 2013

28 May 2013 - Week Two at the MTC

Howdy yallllll
          I want that one right there yeauhh!   (family joke)
So for this week, it was a neat time. We had an apostle step in and listen to our class for a bit (out of all classes he came to ours, pretty lucky right) and then afterwards he talked to us about the Missionary work in Japan and how he knows we will baptize people if we just have faith and that we can start the work up and help to increase it so much in Japan. It was a pretty cool experience to have someone like that crying because of the love of the work and his faith in us. His name was Elder Evans. He is in charge of like all missionaries or Asia missionaries or something like that. Also this week in one of my lessons with the investigator I was trying to say I know that if you pray you will feel peace, but peace in nihongo is "heian" and I accidentally pronounced it "hian" which means pneumonia. haha so apparently I accidentally told my investigator if you pray I know you will feel pneumonia. He got real confused and then showed me the word in the dictionary. It was a good time. Also on Wednesday I did 250 push ups. Most I've ever done in one day in my life. It was a rough time. We have this dice game where if you roll doubles you do push ups until someone else in the circle rolls doubles then they do push ups, first one to 150 wins. Then we did some more push ups with another game after. I was pretty tired, not gonna lie. Then we did wall sits. 
Ummm what else happened this week. I wake up like 5 or 6 times a night and remember every single dream now which is odd. Oh also we had a party with the Japanese Elders the other night. Their MTC is closed so they are here and we all ran into their room one night and just started dancing around their suitcases and jumping up and down chanting stuff. It is real funny to watch them Lil Nihonjins. hahah One of the Japanese Elders saw us and then started to run away so we had to chase him and got him into the room to join the chanting party and he just like had both his hands up in the air like doing jabbing moves jumping up and down. Not quite the same as the American fist pump into the air. A great time nonetheless. Also we fit 10 elders onto one of the top bunks for fun. It was 1,600 lbs. We are gonna shoot for 1 ton sometime (2,000 lbs) but I'm a lil nervous I'm not gonna  lie.  As for my sensais, one of them is real nice and chill and funny. He laughs at us when he is doing the pretend investigator cause we will say things totally wrong and he will joke with us after. The other one is real serious and real hardcore about us progressing - like by tomorrow he says we need to have all hiragana and all katakana down as well as we can't use the ninja (The book that is basically the pmg lessons shortened but in Japanese. Basically our crutch for lessons) for any more lessons with investigators. The girls hate him and complain all the time about not knowing Japanese but us Elders know just as much as them. It's nice to have the best of both worlds from our two sensais though. 
Not sure what else happened this week. Oh there was a sister who was going to possibly have to get surgery because of her gal bladder today so my companion and I gave her a blessing on Saturday and she went in today and the doctor told her she doesn't have to get surgery, she will only have to if it gets worse but she said she feels like she is getting better. So that is good. and another one of our sisters went to the ER last night. Those silly lil sisters ;) always keeping us Elders on our toes. Well life in the MTC is good. Just working out my nihongo and strengthening converting myself. How is life back home coming? Kara I'm not quite sure what I want or need yet. I'll have to think about that one. Some gatorades would be nice. I am always so so thirsty. Cassi keep up the good work in life? I'm sure your princesses or dragons or whatever games you play in your head are just gonna shape you up to be the beautiful daughter of God that you are. Mason sounds like you know what your doing in life right now with that whole whistle blowing and such. Livi hopefully you're being nice. Hopefully practicing the violin lots and lots while I'm gone so when I'm home you won't annoy me. Kyle maybe you can work on your fifa skills and be able to beat me when I get home, most likely not though. You just do you and imma do me home boy. Mom how was your b day btw? You can dear elder me bout that jazz. I sure bet it was a dandy time. I sent you and Cassi a letter hopefully you get it. Memorial day yesterday was rough. No soccer tournaments just the usual studying and 6 hour classes. Well I gotta go cause we are leaving to the temple and to eat lunch but I am gonna finish my other half hour of emailing later. Well Sayonara mi familia! (yeah that was a trilingual sentence). if I remember anything I'll include it in the later after the temple.
Much love,
Elder Bloomfield.
Kiet Tran (friend from Bountiful, Utah) and Travis

Travis and Elder Conley (?)

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