Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 April 2013 - "The Temple"

For Spring Break, the family headed to Utah to do some mission shopping and to take Travis through the temple and attend General Conference as a family for the first time.  We accomplished a lot that week and enjoyed being together.  

Here are some pictures:
                                      We had game night and celebrated Kara's Birthday

                                                     Outside the Bountiful Temple
 Uncle Bryan, Aunt Darci, Hilari, Tucker, Zane (friend), Travis, Erin, Kyle, Kyoshi, Kara, Dad and Mom.
               Dinner after the Temple.  That is Sassparilla they are drinking by the way.
                                            Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen with Travis
 The Family outside the Conference Center in Salt Lake City Utah with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.
                                                      Not sure what he is doing????????
                                                           After Conference in Salt Lake City
                                                                  Our Favorite place
The girl's on Temple Square in Salt Lake City

Thought for the week:

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