Friday, June 28, 2013

11 June 2013 - Week four at the MTC

Well I decided after my last email that I've pretty much just been telling you about my abouts and such in the MTC, but not much about how my progress is coming along.  I've only been telling my journal that stuff. The Japanese is coming along though. I can pretty much teach almost the whole first lesson now. I cant really go into depth too much and if they ask questions it just gets rough cause its usually vocab I don't know but its a fun time, also my grammar isn't too good but it is getting better because I know more vocab than my companion so lately I have been doing more talking than him in the lessons. I feel kinda bad about it after the lessons and always try to like give him index cards with sentences he can read and stuff because he likes it better to just study the grammar and such and then go into the lesson and talk to the investigator and see where the lesson goes sorta. So I try to help him talk more but I seem to be doing more of the talking most of the time. Oh well. it is a great experience though. Yesterday we used the pen analogy to explain our spirits and getting bodies and then our pen is erasable so we used it to show sin and repentance and he was real amazed when the pen erased haha it was funny. So that's that. I seem to pick up the grammar and such faster than others but then when I get into lessons I will sometimes forget it and just try what I can, so that's fun. But honestly I am loving Japanese. It's cool. I like writing it too its a fun time. For all my vocab words and stuff I don't write in romanji (American letters) any more but only use hiragana and katakana so I can get better at it. I know all of the hiragana and can write it all and I know all of the katakana but sometimes forget it when writing it. but I can recognize it all. 

The elders in my district are still solid. we are all doin good. Hil and tuck leave a week from today so that's pretty crazy. Well actually idk if Tucker has gotten his visa yet, so I'm not sure if he will be going to Argentina. Oh also we have soo many missionaries these days that our Tuesday Devotionals are going to be in the Marriott Center until August, crazy right? Also I have joined the choir so I can guarantee good seats. Also next week the Prophet and Apostles will be there for some special broadcast like a leadership training or something is what we were told at choir practice and we will be singing with other members for some special thing for the viewing. Maybe you will see me on the guy said that the broadcast was for like members involved with missionary work and missionaries across the world so maybe dad will see it since he is YM President. I'll do my best to wear a bright green tie and get myself on that camera. Choir of the century is what were told. Apparently this broadcast is like a pretty big dealll! (gru voice)
As for my visa and passport, they won't give those to us until we get our flight plans so I won't get that stuff till a week before we leave. Lake Tahoe sounds fun. I miss the summer time fun. jet skiing and such. Sounds like a real blast. Oh and the pant clips you sent me haha it was my jeans that broke. that's why I said I only had one pair of pants left. The sliding clips you sent me can't really help with that but they will prolly be good for future use. Thanks for the package it was real neat. Lots of love.
Well that's about all I can think of for now. The church is true. God is great. Jesus is jubilant and missionaries can help you meet your maker!  Not really sure if that's good or bad but that's the first thing that popped into my mind.
Love you all.
See you tomorrow!

Elder Bloomfield

Elder Bloomfield writing his hiragana and katakana

Looks pretty good!!!!!!

A sister missionary (Travis said she was a cousin for the day???) from the MTC with Travis and Tucker

Kyle and Erin, Kara and Kyoshi were driving by the Provo Temple and look who they found Hermana Bloomfield (cousin Hilari)

Great Grandma and Grandpa Ford are smiling from Heaven at this picture.  5 Ford cousins all in the MTC at the same time.  Left to Right - Tucker Bloomfield, Travis Bloomfield, Joey Tafuna'i, Hilari Bloomfield and Jessica Reid.  Many more Ford's to follow!!!!!!!!!

Thought for the week:

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