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25 June 2013 - Got some Air Time (Week 6 at the MTC)

Well I sure did get some great airtime on Sunday didn't I (he was seen two different times on the missionary Broadcast that the church had on Sunday, June 24th)? I must have been livin right or something. Singing in the choir was actually lots of fun though, I enjoyed it. I thought we sounded pretty good too. Pretty good for the choir director to direct a choir of over 2,000 people in just like 3 practices. Did you guys enjoy the broadcast though? Lots more member missionary work. That's a wild time. Hope you guys are excited about that. I wonder if the Nihonjin kyokaiin do that too. I guess we will see. Its crazy to think that in just like 20 days or something I will be going to Japan. Makes me nervous a lil bit for my nihongo. Apparently we learn really fast though. haha I still make some good mistakes I suppose though. haha We have had some pretty good laughs with our progressing investigator named Shuma (Willard Sensei) these last like 3 lessons. hahah We have had to wait on the prayer for like 30 seconds these last two lessons because all 3 of us were just laughing so hard. It's kinda bad but real funny at the same time. I really love my senseis they are both so awesome. Willard said it is good that Elder Hanohano and I are still ourselves while we teach. He said some other missionaries will turn into serious robots when they go to teach investigators but that it is good that we are still ourselves but he can still feel the spirit so strong. This week we really tried harder in getting to know our investigators better and knowing their needs especially. In one of our lessons with Hironori (Todd sensei) we were really just trying to get to know him better and what he wants from our lessons and what he can get from the church and he started to cry when we were teaching him. It was kinda neat except for we weren't sure what part exactly he was crying about (haha) but we're still learning and he could really feel the spirit so that's all that matters. 

I hosted for Zane (He was his room mate at BYU). Such a small world, he happens to be in my same residence building, same class building, and same exact schedule so we have mealtimes and gym together too. needless to say I see that boy quite often. 

How is Hershey doing lately? Feeling better yet? and is insurance helping to pay for any of that? I think that maybe on the chore chart someone should be assigned to walk him everyday or something like that. Something that will really enforce it and possibly get that dog excited about life and not trying to kill himself.

Today is our last day in the temple because they are closing it for cleaning but we get to go clean it in like 2 weeks so maybe that will be neat. 

Oh last week there was also a plague that hit the mtc.  There were over a hundred sisters (over reacting women) that went to the ER one night because they were throwing up. It was just a virus though that went around. 4 out of the 6 sisters in our district caught it. Pretty much you just throw up for like 8 hours (whether you still have food or not) and then it's over. Hanohano caught it like 3 nights ago but he wasn't a sissy like all the sisters and go to the ER and then sit in your room all day for the next like day and a half. I got pretty close and almost threw up like 3 times yesterday but never did. My stomach still hurts but I must be immune to the real deal or something who knows. My sleeping has gotten better lately as well. I don't wake up like 6 times a night anymore. Neat thing is I prayed that if I didn't fall asleep once during the whole day and gave my whole day to the Lord, that I would be able to sleep all night, and the next night Hanohano was throwing up all night and keeping everyone up and I slept like a baby didn't even wake up more than like once.  I had no clue that the plague had hit our room till the next day. 

Well that's pretty much all I can think of for now. I'm just real excited to go to Japan. my Japanese still sucks but maybe when I get there it will get better. I had some good ideas earlier in the week but I seem to have forgotten them so when I remember them I will write them down so I remember to tell you. Oh btw did you guys get my Fathers Day card? I'm not sure how well the mail works. It seems to take longer than usual. sometimes your dearelders don't get to me for like multiple days too. I haven't gotten a single letter from anyone besides a couple from Liz and the dear elders from you guys for like 3 weeks haha sooo I guess I'm a forgotten man already. 

Oh well. such is life. Take care and don't hurt yourself during your awesome summer festivities. Oh also they told us we are allowed to watch the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire here at the MTC on the 4th of July so you can imagine how exciting that is for us missionaries.
tally hoe! (not sure how you spell that).
愛 しっています! 
-トラビス ブルムフイルド 長老

This is the Choir of 2,000 missionaries that sang at the Missionary Broadcast.  Travis was one of them.

Travis is in the upper right corner in the rest of these pictures.

If you go to you can watch the entire "Work of Salvation" broadcast.  The message is wonderful and the choir sings several times.  The first time I watched it, I looked and looked for Travis, but never saw him, then some friends pointed him out to me.  It is so fun to see him singing.  I have watched it over and over.

Thought for this week:

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