Friday, June 28, 2013

15 May 2013 - "The Drop Off"

We awoke early so that Travis could call Mason, Olivia and Cassi at home in California and tell them good bye before they headed off to school then we finished our last errands and borrowed Grandpa Nielsen's truck, loaded it up and headed to Provo.  On the way, we stopped by Kyle's work to pick him up and say a last good bye to Erin.  Travis had one last request and that was to stop and eat at the Crepe Shop.  As we enjoyed our Crepe's we of coarse also enjoyed our last laughs together for two years.  On the way to the MTC Travis called Steve who was on a business trip and they said their last good bye's.  Steve gave him lots of good advise for teaching and associating with the Japanese people.

Elder Bloomfield was to be dropped off at 1:00pm, so we followed tradition of all the other missionaries and headed to the Provo Temple for some pictures first.  Here are some of the Pictures we took:

 We picked Kyle up from work.  He works in a warehouse, so he didn't have on his best outfit.  They thought by putting Travis's suit coat on him, he would look at little nicer.  Not sure it did the trick.

After taking some  pictures at the Temple, we headed to the MTC.  The Official "Mission Training" sign that Kara and Kyle stood in front of is no longer there, so this was as close as we could get with out actually going through the gates.

The time had come!!!  We drove through the gates at were directed as to where we should drop off.  We pulled up to the curb and was greeted by a friendly Elder who instructed us to quickly say our good bye's and he would escort Elder Bloomfield in through the doors.  

Travis insisted on leaving his tags on his suit case and back pack so he could tell them apart from all the others.   

This is the last sight we got as we needed to move on and make room for other new Missionaries to be "Dropped Off".
Travis John Bloomfield would now be Bloomfield Choro (Elder) for the next 2 years of his life!!!!

Thought for the week:

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