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13 May 2013 - Elder Bloomfield and Companion (Mom) head to Utah

After saying  "Goodbye" to Dad (who had an early morning flight to Orlando) and Mason (On his way to early morning seminary) and Olivia and Cassi as they headed out to school in the morning oh and to the dog Hershey, we loaded the car and headed to the airport ourselves and flew from Oakland to Salt Lake City.  The Salt Lake City Airport was full of missionaries heading out to the various missions around the world.  It was so exciting seeing them all knowing that in 8 weeks after his MTC training, Travis would be just like them headed to Japan.  It was making things start to become more real now.

Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen picked us up at the airport and took us back to their house.  We had dinner with them and then went for a ride to start saying "goodbyes" to Uncle Bryan and Aunt Darci's family, Aunt Julie and Uncle Doug's family and  Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jim's family.  We lucked out and found them all home.  After a long day of "Goodbyes", we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen's to go to bed.

Tuesday, 14th of May, we headed out to run our last errands and make sure that we had everything and it was packed just right.  We even got to swing by and say "Goodbye" to Uncle Ken at work and Grandma Suzy in the Care Center.
                                        Travis and Grandma Suzy Bloomfield

At around 5:00pm, we headed into Salt Lake City with Grandma Nielsen to meet Kara and Kyoshi and Kyle and Erin for one last trip to the Salt Lake City Temple.  We met outside first and took some pictures before going in.  Here are some of the pictures.  As usual, some are serious (not many with this group) and some are not.

                                   Elder Bloomfield "Gazing into Heaven"
                                    Elder Bloomfield in front of the "Reflecting Pool"
                                      Elder Bloomfield
                                    Proud Momma and her missionary
                                Grandma Nielsen and Elder Bloomfield
                                  The Salt Lake City Temple
 Their faces say it all.  Kyle has proudly returned from his mission a year and a half ago and Travis is thinking about what is ahead of him the next two years.             
                         The "Adult Kids" as we call them
                  A kind missionary passing by took a picture of the group all together.
                              Now you see how mature the "Adult Kids" are.

                     A blessing to all be together, but we are missing Dad and wished he could have come with us.

After attending the Temple, we went over to the Joseph Smith Building for dinner.  We ate in the "Garden Room" that looks over the temple.  It was very beautiful as the night lights were all a glow.

                                Never a dull moment with this bunch!

                                 Nice to see they can hold steal and fold their arms.

After Dinner and some pictures by the window, it was time to go.  On the way out we had to take some last pictures.

                                    Acting very "official"
                                              Which one is the Statue?
                                              Salt Lake City Temple at Night

When we got to the parking lot, we said "Goodbyes" to Kara, Kyoshi and Erin as Travis would not see them for 2 years as they were not coming to the MTC "Dropoff" with us.
                                              Giving Sister Kara one last hug
                                           Trying to avoid what ever Kyle wants to give him
                                              Such Loving Brothers
                                            As you see, Kyoshi is so sad to see Travis go.
                                 And now it is Erin's turn.
                               Hard to believe the time has really come.
                   Grandma and Erin did not know Travis was in their picture.  He is so sneaky.

After all the hugs, it was time to head for Grandma's house for a good nights rest as the big day we have planned and prepared for the last 19 years was here.  Hard to believe 19 years had pasted by that quickly and the Primary song "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" was never more appropriate than now for Elder Travis John Bloomfield.  He has definitely "grown a foot or two" (just over 6'1" to be exact).
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