Saturday, June 8, 2013

9 May 2013 - The Oakland LDS Temple with Mom and Dad before heading on mission

Dad, Mom and Travis at the Oakland, California LDS Temple before Travis headed to Utah.  We had a very nice evening in the Temple followed by  huge Ice Cream Sundaes that made for the perfect evening as there wouldn't be any more like it for 2 years!!!

We of coarse had to take pictures before going in the Temple.  Here are a some of the pictures:
                                      Travis and Dad (Steve) in front of the Temple.
                                        Practicing their Yoga and balance.
                                        Travis working on his squat for Japan.

                                               Not sure what this face is??????

                                         or this one??  Maybe he is ready to loose it!!
        More preparations for Japan.  They love to take a picture with the double peace sign.
                                        The top back side of the Oakland LDS Temple.
                                        He always has to be doing something!!!!!!

                                                  Finally a serious one!
                                       Proud Mother with one of her boys!!!!
                         Dad (Steve) and the Oakland Temple were born/built the same year.  Yay for 1963!!!!
                                         Beautiful Temple Grounds
                                                  Where is Travis????
                                    Now what are these two up to???????
                                   The fountain at the Oakland Temple.
                                    Looking into the Heavens before entering the Temple.

Thought for the week:

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