Tuesday, April 7, 2015

6 March 2015 - Living Righteously and Worthy of the Spirit and Every Decision You Make Has a larger Effect Than You Realize.

Hello Darlings,
Sorry I didn't have much time to write last week.  We played soccer and had a baptism, so I didn't get time to email.
Lots of miracles and learned things this week. Well first off this week we had a training for the new trainers on Monday, then quickly prepared for MLC training, then a had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) meeting and trained there on Tuesday, then we had Wednesday to prepare for our next 2 and a half weeks worth of Zone Taikai trainings.   Once again our topic was changed the night before we left.   It's now the 3rd time that has happened that the night before the trainings start the next day, our training topic will get changed.   So that makes for a fun time, but it has always worked out super well.   It is by revelation and always what the missionaries needed most, so despite how unprepared we may feel, the spirit always helps us out as we are open for guidance, which is a huge blessing. Thursday we went to Yamaguchi and Friday we went to Kagoshima. 

Another big lesson I was reminded of this week is how important living righteously and worthy of the spirit is.   When we got to Kagoshima we found out one of our previous investigators found out we were coming and wanted to meet us just for a bit.   So she came to the train station after Zone Conference.   We found out the reason that she wanted to meet with us was because she has been going down a bad path in her life lately, doing things she knows is wrong, and when she heard we were coming to Kagoshima she remembered the person she used to be and explained the feelings she felt were different from how she feels now.   It was a huge reminder to me and made me think of how thankful I am that I am living with the spirit in my life.   We don't always think about it, but the spirit we are blessed to live with, is not just felt by us, but is felt by those around us as well and is sometimes even a bigger blessing for them than for us.   Our friend recognized that she used to have these feelings all the time when she met with us, but it has been a while and she could feel the difference and wanted to change.   We were able to talk to her about a few things and what she can do to feel this peace and happiness in her heart often again and in the end it was a way cool experience for us. 
So remember every decision you make has a larger effect than you realize.   You don't know when the Lord will call upon you and when you will make that impression on others.   If there are changes you need to make, make them now, because there are people waiting for you. 
Hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Bloomfield
"Dinner with Kaicho and Shimai! Super Yokatta :)"

Japanese Missionaries at the airport - heading home.

 P-Day Soccer Group

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