Tuesday, April 7, 2015

21 March 2015 - Elder Nelson's Visit and Introduction to IPads For Missionaries

So this week I was able to learn a lot again.

I don't really have much time because we don't really have a p day today because we had the conference.  But it was super good.   They did talk about the iPads and such, and I am super excited. for how ipads will help in the mission as well but more for what it will do for each missionary.  A large reason for having the iPads is to help us young kids make good technology habits and create healthy choices that will stay with us for the rest of our life.   That is what I'm most excited about.   It's just super sad when you see a family all out together, or a group of friends, and none of them are even talking to each other because they are slaves to their iphone or whatever device they are caring with them.  Obviously these things can help us in so many ways but when we let them control what we do, we are no better than a cocaine addict, controlled by the substances we use.   Each missionary will be able to create good habits and use these devices when it is effective and when it is not don't use it.   Super Cool!!   The cool thing is, yes.... the ipad does have some filters on it to help out, but the filters Elder Ringwood and Elder Nelson said they focus on, are the ones that have the strongest effect to weed out any of the bad stuff and 3 of those filters are 1. Our personal testimony, 2. The Holy Ghost, and 3. Mission rules/commandments.   After we use those filters, there are the technology filters and reporting filters and such but the first 3 filters will stay with us for our entire life.   Not to mention they are free. 
After that Elder Nelson spoke to us about Christ and his many names, and who he really is.   As I listened and learned from him I truly felt as if I were hearing from a close friend of Christ's, someone who associates with Him often, as if  Elder Nelson were one of the first 12 apostles who walked and talked and learned directly from Christ.   He is a funny man as well.  It was nice to listen to him.  I didn't take any pictures or anything.  Nothing to show just a lot more knowledge and memories.  Their sacrifice as an Apostle is enormous.   I feel so bad for them sometimes.   Just normal men but because of their strong desire to serve Christ they are instead treated like celebrities.  They can't go out in public and can't just do normal things with their family, always having body guards and such, they can't walk down a street or just get a normal haircut without people wanting to take pictures of them, all because of the desire to do the right thing and serve the Lord.   They are super otsukaresama.
Well hope you're all doing well!

Elder Bloomfield
Elder Russell M. Nelson

This is an email I received from Tomoko Uchida Shimai. She is such a sweet sister and sooooo good to the missionaries.

Dear Kris.

How have you been?

Is everyone in your family doing well?
Your family is wonderful.

I saw him after a long absence,and I'm glad to see him looking well.
Being with him makes me feel relaxed and calm. It’s a very good atmosphere when I’m with him.

I heard that you will come to Japan in May.
I am eagerly waiting for you to come to Japan.

Much Love from Kagoshima.
                                           Sister Tomoko

Picture from March Visit to Kagoshima
Travis, Uchida Shimai and Elder Sasaki

Thought for the week:

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