Tuesday, April 7, 2015

20 February 2015 - "I Am Healthy and Happy, Miracles All Around!"

Well this week will be short because we have stuff we have to go do, but anyway this week was good.   Mostly just transfer prep stuff and transfers with Kaicho.  Here in Japan when we buy airplane tickets for transfers, we take a receipt to a Convenience Store and we can pay for them there, but the airline company we always by from is merging so our cheep tickets unfortunately went away as well. So this time we ended having to buy about $6,000 worth of airplane tickets for all of transfers at the Convenience Store.  Needless to say, the college kid who was working at the time was pretty surprised.  In regards to transfers Kaicho didn't mention anything about me so it looks like I will be here in the office.  I am healthy and happy, miracles all around!

Hope everyone is doing well and genki!     Keep up the good work!

Elder Bloomfield

Thought for the week:

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