Tuesday, April 7, 2015

14 March 2015 - Keep Sharing The Happiness!!!

Sorry we were flying back from Okinawa yesterday and had stuff we had to do so there wasn't any time for p day or email.   So I am shooting off a quick email before we head to church. 
This week we just had Zone Trainings and such.   Monday we went to Kumamoto, Tuesday was Nagasaki and we were in Okinawa from Wednesday to Saturday.   It was super good.  We did two Zone Trainings but also had time to work with some of the elders down there. We got to work with the Ginowan Zone Leaders, the Naha Zone Leaders, and the Oroku Elders.   As always when you are on companion exchanges there were super cool miracles so it was awesome being down there. 
Also,  yes Mom, Teh Sook (my dear friend Teh Sook Wright that was my counselor in the RS Presidency in Korea that now lives in Okinawa) came to visit me and not only that but she yelled "Hey Kyle!!" and gave me a hug without any notice.   Seems even an ocean away I can't escape being called by my older brothers name.   Also I don't even know what she was thinking about hugging me, pretty sure she knows the missionary rules.  Ha ha just joking.   She was super funny and super kind.   She brought some snacks and such for me and told me she wrapped it up so no one would take it from me, don't tell her but I just ended up giving most of it away anyways. The other missionaries were quite excited about it so I figured they would like them.   She was most excited to give me the oreos and the butterfingers though so I kept them.   Did she send you the picture?   She took a picture with me and said she would send it.   Will you forward it to me so I can give it to the other missionaries that were in the picture?
Any way I hope all is well.   This week Elder Nelson (the Apostle) will be coming to do a training on iPads to our mission.   So we will excitedly be preparing lots of stuff for that.  I have to say the closing prayer at the meeting with him... I'm thinking maybe I should prepare the talk/prayer before hand!
FYI for mom. No, no one in the mission will pay for ipads (on the missionary Moms google group, the mother's were asking if anyone knew if the missionaries would have to pay for their own ipads).  They have changed their mind and the ipads will be church owned.   The church will pay for them and then we will give them back when we go home.   You can tell all your mom friends not to worry them lil selves out. Have an awesome week and keep sharing the happiness!   Easter is just around the corner!

Elder Bloomfield

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