Saturday, April 11, 2015

11 April 2015 - "Give a Lil Service This Week and Your Problems Will Go Away."

Hey all,
So not much time. We were watching General Conference on the projector here in the office but we heard some members doing yard work outside of the temple and I got so excited!   So we paused General Conference to go and help clean the temple grounds and I got to do some yard work again.   It has been so long, it was awesome!

Anyways not much time because we need to head out soon but this last week was basically just transfer stuff (training the Trainers, new missionary orientation, returning missionary stuff, etc.) Elder Saski was transferred to Okinawa for the last 2 transfers of his mission.  We are no longer companions.  Elder Hoskins from St. George, Utah is my new companion.

Last Sunday the mission was blessed with many Easter miracles.  We had some mission goals of helping investigators with baptismal dates as well as member friends and other non members to come to church on Easter to learn about the relevance of Easter!  At all of the churches in the mission we had a special Sunday School to teach about the Atonement and Resurrection, and show everyone the 'He Lives' video.   In addition, Saturday night all the missionaries in the mission all said a special prayer that the spirit would guide people in need of this gospel to come to church on Sunday, and on Sunday there were so many people throughout the mission that "met the missionaries a long time ago..." and "just decided" to come to church that day!   It was so amazing to see the Lord do His work.   On Easter Sunday as a mission the Sacrament Meeting attendance for non members as well as baptisms was more than 3 or 4x the average of most other weeks!  We were truly blessed and I know many people and hearts were comforted as they learned of the hope and blessings the gospel brings. 
General Conference has been awesome so far.  Hope everyone is doing well!  Give a lil service this week and your problems will go away.

Elder Bloomfield
Watching General Conference in the office with the projector.

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