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13 February 2015 - Preparing Yourself Ahead of Time to Receive Answers to Personal Questions.

This week,

So this week was filled with some prep for the Mission Tour and then the mission tour. If you haven't noticed yet, we have a lot of trainings in this mission. We had two separate trainings this transfer (interview trainings and General Authority mission tour) and next transfer we will also have two separate trainings (Zone Conferences and a Specialized training) so unfortunately a lot of our extra time we have while not doing the trainings, is spent preparing for them. 
But this week Elder Whiting of the Quorum of the Seventy did  a mission tour and did some trainings and checked up on our mission. He is a jokester, but super powerful and you can just feel he is a servant of God when you are near him. Cool experience, he asked us to prepare for the trainings, by praying and thinking about a question you want the answer to through the conference. At the beginning of each of the conference he explained how he was here on request to represent the apostles and therefore was here on apostolic authority. and with that authority gives everyone in the room the right to receive revelation. I prepared for the training with two questions I was hoping to be answered, one about doctrine, and another about a question I had regarding to my calling as Assistant right now. 
In the first half of the conference both questions were answered. My doctrine question he started talking about it, and then all the sudden he turned right to me and was like "what do you think Elder Bloomfield?"   It was like he was reading my soul! 本当に素晴らしいこの教会のしどうしゃは。。。The second answer came completely irrelevant to what he was talking about but understanding that came to me as I listened to him. So since both questions were answered by lunch, during lunch I thought of 2 more questions and prayed about them. and guess what happened... I was able to receive more guidance on these subjects as well. needless to say it was a huge learning experience for me. I really took the words written in D&C 9:7 (Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me) to heart and made the goal to try to come to every church meeting (Sacrament Meeting, Priesthood Meeting, any meeting where the spirit will be present) with a question or looking for guidance.  These meetings aren’t intended just for pleasure or entertainment. God cares for us much more than that. He wants to guide us and as we come to each meeting with a question in mind, about life, or doctrine,  or any guidance, through the spirit present in the meeting it will be revealed to us. Often times we just expect well I am going to church today, I'm doing what I'm supposed to, why can't I figure this out? Why isn't life going better?   But in the D&C God has told us we have ask.

Anyways that was basically this week. This week Kaicho told me I will either go back out next transfer or stay in the office till I die. He said that he wants to keep me here till I die because the mission is doing really well right now, but asked me how I felt about it. I really really want to be outside working all day, I have a lot of fire built up from these last few transfers, but I told him I would do whatever the Lord wants me to do, so we will see what Kaicho decides when we start transfer stuff in a couple of days. 
Hope everyone is doing genki.  Oh also Happy Valentines!   Thanks for the neat cards. Ha ha   I found a special request from Olivia (actually it was from Cassi) not to throw her card in the trash, so tell her no worries I will keep it. 
Also I found out a couple of weeks ago one of the sisters in the Fukuoka Zone named Sister Curtis apparently is good friends with the Packers and Michelle.   She gave me a solid brownie recipe I'm excited for.  Small World we Mormons live in. 
Love ya,

Elder Bloomfield
"I am as big as the Wall"


Elder Sasaki and Travis

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