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28 July 2013 - Week 2 in Japan

Well another busy week!  This week we got a less active named Jay to joint (to joint means: to go out and teach with Travis and his companion) with us. It's kinda funny because he isn't active in the church but he will go and joint with us and teach lessons with us. We are working on him and one other less active named Tonga Kyodai (Kyodai is brother in Japanese.,  They are both from Tonga and less active. We had dinner at their house Friday and man can Tongans eat. There was so much food. We also found out that Tonga Kyodai has played in the World Cup and in the 7v7 Olympics for rugby.  So yeah I've eaten dinner with an Olympian I suppose.  He is about 37 or something though and nearing the end of his career. He hasn't been active since high school but Jay served a mission in Africa, however both have become inactive with their rugby careers and such.  They are pretty funny people though. 

The ward here is fun. We had a large lunch yesterday because one of the sisters is moving back to China. 

Man, Japanese kids are so wild. They run around after church and do things that if I did them when I was younger,I probably would get the paddle when we got home. haha    There is one little boy, Asahi, he's about Cassi`s age,  He lovesss dem kanchos (it is a Japanese thing where you get a finger enema). He actually quite enjoys giving out the frontal konchos as well, but those don't quite go over as well. You will just be randomly walking around the church and all of a sudden you hear kanchooo! and about a half second later you are getting a finger up the booty, then he runs off real fast. He is a real cute kid though. 

We also just had an American family from Lehi, Utah move in to the ward. They are 1 of 2 other families that are getting transferred because Microsoft or Micro something is doubling in size. Something like that. Dad probably knows. So they're kinda like us 14 years ago. Small children as well. 

I did buy a new bike, I will probably call her "The White Stallion", because she does things only a Stallion is capable of. and also shes white.

"White Stallion"

No, Mom, I am not fluent yet. I have quickly realized that within the missionaries at least there is much more English spoken than Japanese, even with Japanese missionaries present which is kinda a downer for me. I was really hoping for that native companion so I could just struggle then realize I have actually learned quite a bit. We speak way too much English and I hate it. The language is coming along though. 

Umm yes, I suppose you could send the hymn book to me but no need to rush, just wait till a package is sent in the future.  We have a big hymn book in our apartment that I have been using. 

What else happened this week....  well my ankle randomly got red marks on it and has been swollen since Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure it is getting better now.   It doesn't hurt to walk on it anymore. So, that's a relief. Not sure how it occurred though it just randomly happened, but no need to worry.  I pray about it so it will prolly heal real soon.
Swollen Ankle

Well that's pretty much our week.  More happened but not too much excitement.   We are going to the site where the atomic bomb exploded near Hiroshima for P-Day in a few hours.  That should be interesting.
Monument Building left from the Bombing of Hiroshima

Monument to victims of Hiroshima

What it looked like before the Bomb

What it looked like after the bomb as everything was wiped out

Some Articles from the Museum

Part of the Museum

Shell of Building that was left as a memorial

Trying out the small bike

River in Hiroshima

Photo of Devastation in Hiroshima

Well God is great and the church is true!!


Elder Bloomfield

Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a Boy Scout jamboree at the end of this week and through next week that will have 20,000 people and a bunch of different tents with different religions,  Our mission got a tent, so there are 6 Elders (all Eagle Scouts) that got selected to go.   Why they selected me I have no clue cause Japanese is quite the struggle.  We will be gone from Thursday to next Wednesday, so I just thought I'd let you know before you freaked out when I didn't email you on Monday. I remember how you would get excited whenever Kyle wouldn't email.  Well I hope all is well. I will be brushing up on my Japanese a whole lot this week!   Wish me luck!

We received a letter,some pictures and a map of the mission with a star on the area that Travis is now serving in from Travis's Mission President (Pres. C. Samuel Gustafson) and his wife.  He seems to be in great hands with them.  We have heard such awesome things about them and are grateful he has the opportunity to serve under their direction.

President and Sister Gustafson and Travis.  The picture was taken the 2nd day Travis was in Japan in front of the Fukuoka Temple. 

These are all the new missionaries that arrived in the mission the same day as Travis.  Travis is in the back of the picture and a little hard to see.

Here is the map of the Fukuoka Mission
Travis is in the Hiroshima area at the top in a place called Saijo.  There is a star over Saijo.
Here is a little information on the Gustafson's.

Thought for the week:

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