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2 July 2013 - Same as Every Week in the MTC

Well it sounds like you had a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa this week (My parents came to Calif. to visit for a week).  Sounds like high adventure was fun (Steve and Mason went on High Adventure with the Young Men from our ward). That is real good, so maybe the rest of California will start up this whole High Adventure thing that the rest of the world except for them does (The ward/stake has not done it in the past, so Steve was the Pioneer to get it started and it was a real success).   
Well what did I do this week? Pretty much the same thing as every week. Oh, yesterday we all wore red ties in honor of Canada Day and I sang the anthem pretty much all day long. I have a picture of all of us that Grandma (Grandma Nielsen was born and raised in Trail, British Columbia, Canada) will probably appreciate. We have this one kid in our zone that was real hyped up about Canada Day cause he is Canadian so he was pretty happy we all decided to celebrate with him. We thought about waking him up at 6:00 in the morning by singing the anthem to him but then decided 30 more mins. of sleep could be valuable to our MTC experience. 

Umm lessons are coming along nicely. We are teaching the commandments to our investigators right now. Oh haha our one investigator named (?), we have really opened him up real nice. He is so comfy with us and is always joking with us. Haha like when we were teaching though shalt not kill he pretended to be really confused and was like why is that bad? I have killed many people before, and then Hanohano and I weren't sure what to say and he was just like oh jodan jodan (jk). When we were explaining what committing adultery was he said oh I have no problems with that. I am a really attractive man so I have many girls who want me but I wear a ring to scare them all away and to make my girlfriend whom I live with happy. Soooo the law of chastity should be a fun lesson with him.Here is how it might go.  "Alright  listen up.. your gf? yeah shes pretty awesome isn't she.... yeah dump her and move out. yes (?) it's the only way. jodan, That's not what we'll say but it should be interesting. We also made him also pee his pants from laughing so hard in a couple of lessons. So yeah that's fun. 
Umm what else did I do this week..... I learned a bunch of kanji so I can read the Book of Mormon better. Good thing is there's like 6,000 kanji so there's much more to do! yippee! 
We got some more Nihonjin (Japanese missionaries)that came in today that will be with us for 2 weeks and then leave with us on the 15th so they will become our good buds. There's a picture of a few of them as well. I can't really think of too much else we did that was out of the ordinary. 

Oh I got nailed by a flying tape ball a couple nights ago and if you refer to hitch, how he has that allergic reaction and one side of his face was wack? Yeah one of my ears looked like that and the other one was completely normal. It was a pretty good time. 
Also you guys should start using Preach My Gospel in your fhe's. Now that you are being member missionaries and all. It really simplifies everything well and it would be good for the kids to know that stuff real well. Maybe just the first week of the month you do a lesson from the Preach My Gospel or something. It would be real good for the kids to be reading from it though. and also the bible videos on Spend a couple bonding Sundays and watch those together. who was the best teacher of all? Jesus Christ, So how can we invite others unto him if we don't know his doctrine or know how he taught? So i suggest watching the bible videos to learn from his example better. That would be a muy bueno. 
Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome missionaries. You bless the lives of those around you. I know the old guy down the street (There is a 90 year old man we have become very good friends with and we have enjoyed spending time and treats with him) is very thankful for you guys. 
Much love,  Elder Bloomfield

"New Friends"

After Devotional at Marriot Center

"Our new Cool Toy"  Must have some spare time on their hands!
BYU Freinds found at the MTC Devotional (Sister Koch and Sister Christensen)

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