Saturday, July 20, 2013

13 July 2013 - Last email from the MTC

Demo dendobu hataraku (mission work) is real neat. Last week in the MTC was good. In TRC today the guy we taught served his mission in Fukuoka so it was cool to talk to him about Okinawa and stuff. My dream is to go there and even more southern. He said that our lesson was the first trc one he's ever had in which he felt like he was truly being taught by two missionaries. So I thought that was cool and I suppose it is a good thing since I leave to the real deal in two days. I'm pretty much packed already. My last gym time I tore up some basketball. watashi wa Michael Jordan no yoni basuke shimashita (I do basketball like Michael Jordan). honto ni (really!!!!). 
This is the survey that was filled out by the "mock investigator" after meeting with Travis and his companion.

Umm thats pretty much all I can think of right now from this week. Our last lessons with our investigators were real good. Our senseis (teachers) are awesome. We are truly blessed with the new teaching system and preparation system they have at the MTC now. With already teaching investigators and such like that. It's awesome. They might say we are the new wave of chosen generation of missionaries but it's not cause we are magically better or anything like that. It's because the church is getting the members to help so much more and we are being prepared better than ever before.  honto ni shukufuku (really blessed).
MTC Japanese teachers

Also I was pooping next to one of the nijonjin (Japanese) missionaries earlier this week (their mtc is closed so they come here) and I was like ohhh anata no unchi wa do deshitaka (how was your poop?) after he came out of the stall. He was just like ohhh dame no no (that is bad you shouldn't say that)! and was like shaking his hands and such. He seemed half surprised and half laughing. He was one of the more proper nihonjins (Japanese). hahah   It made me giggle real good, except I dont think I'll ever ask them about their poops again. That didn't go over to well last time. Maybe after we build a solid relationship first and he even trusts me enough to give me hugs. Those cute lil nihonjin boys.....   much to work on in opening them up to the real world. But as for now, no poop talks which is a bummer cause Hanohano and I enjoy doing our companionship inventories over a solid poop. We get much more out that way - from both ends. Well ta ta for now. I'll send the last pictures of the MTC later tonight.
Bloomfield Choro (Elder)

(Tomodachi's) Zane, Travis and ?

Last District picture in MTC with Japanese Flag

"Waku waku" (Typical Japanese pose)

"Kazoku ga arimasu"  (this is another Ford cousin that just arrived at the MTC - Calvin Millet)

Thought for this week:

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