Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 July 2013 - Got my Travel plans

"Look honey! Take a picture! I got the pyramid in ma handsss."  (He loves to quote things)
Well I hath finally received my travel plans! Yahoooo! It's real exciting except for the fact that it is quite brutal. Sooo I have to be to the travel office by 2:30 am Monday morning (more like Sunday night). We fly out of SLC at 6am and then arrive in Dallas around 9:40am. Then we take off at 11:00am and don't get into Tokyo until 2:00 pm their time (which is on Tuesday). According to my calculations that's about an 11 hour flight maybe? Not really sure though, maybe 10 hours. Then we fly from Tokyo to Fukuoka from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. So at least on the bright side we will be arriving during the night time which could help out with the jet lag. Who knows though. Oh Scuba Steve could be flyin out Monday morning as well (We were all in Utah for a family wedding and Steve is flying back to Calif. while we stay for a few more days and he flies out Monday morning as well)?   What time will he be doing that at? I'm sure it's not gonna be before me so prolly if he was to the airport by 5;00am, he should make his flight in time which is exciting ;) What time is his flight at? Sooo the next question is when should I call you guys? Either at like 4:00 in the morning in SLC or the layover in Dallas is only about an hour so idk how much time that gives with trying to get to the gate and all. How much money should I put on the calling card? We can buy those at the mtc bookstore. How much does it cost to call from Tokyo? Bet that sure will be a wild time. 
I'm real excited. I've already decided that when I meet my companion if he is a native I will probably give him a nice hug because I heard they're not really about that life too much. If he is a native I sure am screwed though. So wild ;) Nihongo is fun though. I hope he is a native with absolutely no engwrish. NO SPEEK ENGWRISH! YO JAPANES NOTA GOOD. YO MUSUT TURAY HARDA. SPEEK DA RANGUAGE EBERY DAI. REEEESPECT YO ELDUU! WHY YOU NOT PERA PERA!? NOOO NO NO NONO! AEEYAAAA. SOO CHEAP! SOO CHEAP! SOOOO ESPENSEBBB..
Well enough of that. This week was a neat time. Totallyyy got to see some fireworks on the 4th of July!  Ohh heck yaa! and we got to watch the movie "17 Miracles" too. and you know what else?? We stayed up past 10:30pm watching the fireworks! Holyyy Moly ain't no missionaries gettin no miracles with no strict obedience the following day. 
The lessons with (?) were wild as ever. We were trying to teach him the law of chastity and he has a girlfriend, so he was kinda struggling with it then in the middle of our lesson he called his girlfriend and broke up with her and so we were like I'm real sorry  (?) and he was like oh its okay! and with a great grin he's like I still have her ipod! Then he proceeds to ask how many of the church members are beautiful and its okay if they're already married because he can just split them and such like that we were like jeezumsss your wild you can't be doing that. Then he asked if we were gay because while being missionaries were not looking for beautiful women to marry. Then in his closing prayer after our lesson he proceeded to thank Heavenly Father for his new ipod and for all the beautiful women and how we were straight and just weird stuff like that. He's crazy. but that's the lessons with him lately. 
In the devotionals Sunday I learned to be bold and bold doesn't mean loud. Bold means quiet but to the point and sincere. Also you must continuously be converting yourself to the Lord and conversion means getting rid of the natural man in you. If the natural man is an enemy to God how can we expect to receive revelation if we are being an enemy to God?  We must turn outward like Christ would when the natural man would turn inward and think only of them self. Charity, love and an eye single to the glory of the work of God.
Well that's all I can think of for now. Well ganbatee!
-Elder Bloomfield

"Jersey Shores"
Proclaiming the Gospel

"Love the lighting"

"Just meditating"

"Wow, he is magic"

"How he do dat?"

"I'm flying"

Can you see the ironing board he is sitting on?  The truth is revealed to the trick

Front view of the elephant

Side view of the Elephant

From these pictures, you can tell there is still plenty of free time at the MTC and Elder Bloomfield has chosen to use it well!!!  Ha ha.  Always an entertainer!!!!!!!

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