Saturday, July 20, 2013

16 July 2013 - I have arrived in Japan

Oh herrooo..
Well I hath made it to Fukuoka. It is like a brick wall of heat. It's pretty toasty. We barely made our connection in Tokyo because our flight was so delayed out of Dallas. Like if the flight hadn't waited for us gaijins (foreigners) and it had left on time we would have missed it. 

Last night we made it to the mission home, had some dinner and met our kaiicho (Mission President), did some paperwork then showered and went to bed. Today we have studied, done some orientation stuff, had lunch, got interviewed, and I just got back from doing some contacting in the streets. So far so good. I have had many hands thrown up and they just keep walking. People I've attempted to talk to.. like 2 and a half - people who have allowed me to say more than one sentence... 0. We will be going back out after this though. Kaiicho told us today that they are really trying to work with the members and stuff cause they aren't quite yet there,  but they are getting much better. Also in the last 3 months all of the numbers have at least doubled which is crazy. The work is apparently really picking up. Kaiicho is super nice and cares about our safety so no worries for you mom. Last year they had like 96 baptisms or something like that and this year their goal is 188 to double it. They have a goal of 2 per each zone each month (something like that) and 2 per each companionship every other transfer and with all the new missionaries coming in that comes up to around 188. 

Well that's all I can think of for now. Oh also the plane ride to Fukuoka was real funny. We sat down and by the end of the ride there were prolly at least 5 or 6 different discussions going on because there were just as many missionaries on the flight as other people. I was sitting next to two gaijins though so I just took a nice nap. 

We'll talk to ya laters. I will find out my area later tonight then off to it tomorrow.
ja matta wani
Elder Bloomfield

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